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J.J. Cale - The very best of

John Weldon "J. J." Cale (December 5, 1938 – July 26, 2013) was an American singer-songwriter, recording artist and guitarist. Though he deliberately avoided the limelight (being temperamentally averse to celebrity)[2] his influence as a musical artist has been widely acknowledged by figures such as Mark Knopfler, Neil Young and Eric Clapton, who described him as "one of the most important artists in the history of rock".[3] He is considered to be one of the originators of the Tulsa Sound, a loose genre drawing on blues, rockabilly, country, and jazz.

Many songs written by Cale have been recorded by other artists, including "After Midnight" and "Cocaine" by Eric Clapton; "Call Me the Breeze" by Lynyrd Skynyrd, John Mayer, Johnny Cash and Bobby Bare; "Clyde" by Waylon Jennings and Dr. Hook; "I Got The Same Old Blues" by Captain Beefheart, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Freddie King; and "Magnolia" by Beck, Lucinda Williams, Iron and Wine, Jose Feliciano and Ben Bridwell.

In 2008 he, along with Clapton, received a Grammy Award for their album, The Road to Escondido.


1 Call Me The Breeze 2:35
2 Crazy Mama 2:22
3 Magnolia 3:23
4 After Midnight 2:23
5 Lies 2:56
6 Midnight In Memphis 4:24
7 Cajun Moon 2:12
8 Rock And Roll Records 2:07
9 Cocaine 2:48
10 Hey Baby 3:11
11 I'll Make Love To You Anytime 3:12
12 Don't Cry Sister 2:13
13 Thirteen Days 2:49
14 Sensitive Kind 5:09
15 Carry On 2:18
16 Mama Don't
Arranged By – J.J. Cale 3:48
17 City Girls 2:49
18 Devil In Disguise 2:01
19 Don't Wait
Written-By – Christine Lakeland 3:09
20 Money Talks
Written-By – Christine Lakeland 4:19



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Samsara Blues Experiment - Waiting For The Flood (2013)

Samsara Blues Experiment is a German band formed in 2007 by guitarist Christian Peters, as he left Terraplane
In spring 2008 the lineup was completed from various Berlin underground bands with guitarist Hans Eiselt, bassist Richard Behrens and drummer Thomas Vedder
Styles range from stoner, psych and folk influences to raga.


1 Shringara
2 Waiting For The Flood
3 Don't Belong
4 Brahmin's Lament



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October: Ten Days That Shook the World - Sergei M. Eisenstein

Όταν ο κινηματογράφος είναι πράγματι Τέχνη!
Μια ταινία φόρος τιμής στους ήρωες της Οκτωβριανής Επανάστασης

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Fates Warning - Awaken the Guardian (1986)

Fates Warning is an American progressive metal band, formed in 1982 by vocalist John Arch, guitarists Jim Matheos and Victor Arduini, bassist Joe DiBiase, and drummer Steve Zimmerman in Hartford, Connecticut. Their early work was heavily influenced by new wave of British heavy metal, and was key in the development of American power metal.With each work the band developed into a pure progressive metal style. Fates Warning has experienced numerous line-up changes. From 1982 to 1996 — and temporarily in 2010 — Matheos and DiBiase were the only remaining original members of the band, with Matheos being the only constant member. Their current lineup consists of guitarists Jim Matheos and Frank Aresti, vocalist Ray Alder, bassist Joey Vera, and drummer Bobby Jarzombek. As a pioneer of the American progressive metal movement, Fates Warning rose to international fame in the 1980s and was ranked as one of the early "flagship bands of progressive metal" along with Queensrÿche, Dream Theater, Crimson Glory and Watchtower, who were responsible for creating, developing and popularizing that genre.

Fates Warning has released twelve studio albums, two live albums, one compilation album, one VHS, three DVDs (each of them features live concerts) and four demo tapes. The band experienced major American commercial success with the 1986 release of their third studio album, Awaken the Guardian, which peaked at number No. 191 on the Billboard 200, and became the first album released on Metal Blade to enter that chart. Their next three albums, No Exit (1988), Perfect Symmetry (1989) and Parallels (1991), were also successful; the first two peaked at No. 111 and No. 141 on the Billboard 200 respectively. Fates Warning's most recent studio album, Theories of Flight, was released on July 1, 2016.

Track listing

All tracks written by Jim Matheos and John Arch, except where noted.
1. "The Sorceress" 5:44
2. "Valley of the Dolls" 5:22
3. "Fata Morgana" 5:25
4. "Guardian" 7:33
5. "Prelude to Ruin" 7:23
6. "Giant's Lore (Heart of Winter)" (Arch, Frank Aresti) 6:00
7. "Time Long Past" (Matheos) 1:51
8. "Exodus" 8:39
Total length: 47:57



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Ozric Tentacles - Become The Other (1995)

Ozric Tentacles are an instrumental rock band from Somerset, England, whose music can loosely be described as progressive or space rock. Formed in 1983, the band has released 26 albums as of 2015, and became a cottage industry selling over a million albums worldwide despite never having major label backing.[1] Throughout many line-up changes over the years, guitarist Ed Wynne has remained the only original member of the band.



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Lothlorien - greenwood side 2001 (re up)

Lothlorien was formed in early 1996 and since its formation has played regularly at various Auckland folk clubs, with guest appearances at Devonport, Titirangi, Tir na N'og, East Coast and Troubadour folk clubs, and has also been in regular demand for weddings and functions.
During 1997 Lothlorien and invited guests held a number of concerts at Auckland's Pumphouse Theatre, under the title of 'Celtic Voices'.  These drew enthusiastic full house audiences each time.

In January 1998 Lothlorien appeared  at the Auckland Folk Festival 'officially' for the first time, playing the final bracket of the Welcome Concert.  Lothlorien held another concert at the Pumphouse in June 1998 (also a sellout) and at Lopdell House in September, and then at the Pumphouse again in November.  Lothlorien also appeared as guests at the Wellington Folk Festival in October 1998.

In 1999, Lothlorien performed at the Auckland Folk Festival 'Invitation Concert', at Tir na N'og again in August 1999, and returned to the Katikati Folk Club in November (a fantastic night).

In January 2000, at the Auckland Folk Festival, Lothlorien appeared again, this time as festival guests!  At the same time we also released our first album, called 'Greenwood Side'.  (See our 'Recordings' page for details of the album).  The combination of these two big events definitely made a 'career highlight' for the band!

Lothlorien were guest artists yet again at Tir na N'Og on Saturday March 25, and performed yet another concert at the Pumphouse - 'Celtic Voices 2000' - with additional special guests  on Saturday 1 April 2000.
And last but not least,  Lothlorien returned to the Titirangi Folk Music Club for the May guest spot, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all concerned!

Lothlorien in Cyberspace! Lothlorien joined mp3.com in late March 2000, and towards the end of July most of their album tracks ascended the Celtic charts, remaining in the top 40 throughout August and into September, including three songs reaching the NUMBER ONE spot! (Ghostwood, Siuil a Ruin and The Black Cat).
Lothlorien's album 'Greenwood Side' won the Folk album of the year in the 'Tui' New Zealand Music Awards for 2001. (The 'Tuis's are New Zealand's equivalent of the 'Grammys').

Since then Chris and Nicole have had two children and produced and engineered a number of albums for other artists in the Ghostwood Studio. These artists include Ross Hill, Roger White and Celtic band 'Tamlin' (featuring Greg and Linda who played on 'Greenwood Side'). Tamzin Wood has just released 'Lucky', her first solo album, which was also recorded in Ghostwood Studio.

This album is in a Celtic folk style and would appeal to fans of Clannad, Enya and Loreena McKennitt.

The 'Greenwood Side' album was recorded by us in our own studio during 1999 and released in January 2000.

It has 3 originals and 8 traditional tracks, 4 instrumentals and 7 songs (Nicole singing lead on 3 and Tamzin singing lead on 3).

Instruments featured are high and low tin whistles, fiddle, bouzouki, mandolin, mandola, guitars and brief appearances by Celtic harp and hurdy-gurdy.

Greenwood Side - Track Information

1 An Cat Dubh (N. Leonard)
Theme from 'The Black Cat'.

2 Dans En Dro (trad. arr. Lothlorien)

A Breton dance tune we were inspired to learn from a recording by Irish flute player Laurence Nugent.

3 She Moved Through the Fair (trad. arr. Lothlorien)

A well-known classic love song/ghost song. The theme was used by rock group Simple Minds in their song 'Belfast Child' which is hinted at here.

4 Foggy Banks (trad. arr. Lothlorien)

A young boy dreams of adventure at sea, then discovers that life on a fishing trawler is considerably tougher than he expected.

'Heave away upon the capstan, give a hand to heave the trawl'.

5 Willie and Mary (trad. arr. Lothlorien)

One of many folk songs in which a sailor returning from sea after many years absence disguises himself to test the loyalty of his bride-to-be. It is sometimes known by the title 'Little Mary the Sailor's Bride'.

6 Ghostwood (N. Leonard/C. Lloyd)

This original jig was written by Chris and Nicole, inspired by the books of fantasy author Charles de Lint which feature the Celtic 'Otherworld'.

7 Siuil a Ruin (trad. arr. Lothlorien)
In this song, a girl laments the leaving of her love who has gone to join the army, as she believes she will never see him again. The lyrics of the chorus are in Irish Gaelic.

'Go, go, go my love ... and may you go safely my darling'

8 The Cruel Mother (trad. arr. Lothlorien)

A tragic tale of children born out of wedlock and the extreme measures taken by the mother to avoid bringing disgrace upon herself and her family. This song has many variants, some of which are also known as 'Greenwood Side'.

9 Schottische Fran Havero (trad. arr. Lothlorien)

This Schottische appears in the Encyclopaedia Blowzabellica, a collection which includes many weird and wonderful tunes.

10 The Sweetest Joy (T. Wood)

An original song written by Tamzin, which describes the consequences of taking the advice of others rather than following one's own heart.

11 A-Souling (trad. arr. Lothlorien)
This song has become well-known in local folk circles through the singing of Terry Free, however Tamzin also heard it many years ago when her parents sang it together. It describes an old tradition similar to the 'trick-or-treat' we know today.

'A-soul, a-soul, a-soul cake, please good missus a soul cake

Apple, a pear, a plum and a cherry, any good thing to make a soul merry

One for Peter, two for Paul, three for Him who made us all'

12 The Black Cat (N. Leonard)

This original tune was initially composed as a jig, and was later reinvented as a slow air. It was inspired (obviously) by a special black cat.



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Cosmic Circus Music - Wiesbaden (1972) (re-up)

Cosmic Circus Music biography
Furiously tripped out jamming sequences with a solid rockin' instrumentation. Astral rockin voyage and occult early 70s trio whose music is at the level of the best improvised krautrock acts. With members of Xhol (Karl-Heinz Keffer) and Catharsis (Ulrich Masshöfer, Bernd Diesner).

Similar artists : Agitation Free, Ashra Tempel, Gila, Gää, Gam trio, Xhol, The Cosmic jokers



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Cauldron Born - Born Of The Cauldron 1997

Named after the Cauldron Born from Lloyd Alexander's The Prydain Chronicles novels.
The Cauldron-Born were deathless warriors made from dead bodies stolen from barrow mounds by Arawn Death-Lord, and revived in the Black Crochan. They served Arawn unquestioningly, though during the events of The Book of Three, a few Cauldron-Born were also under the command of Achren, possibly because she was serving Arawn at the time.

The deathless warriors were based in the Hall of Warriors in Annuvin, where the Crochan was also kept until its disappearance during the events of  The Black Cauldron

01 - Crusader
02 - The Sword's Lament
03 - Synchronicity At Midnight - A Baying Of Hounds
04 - Imprisoned With The Pharaohs
05 - The Final Incantation - In The Dreaming City
06 - In Fate's Eye A King
07 - Born Of The Cauldron
08 - Unholy Sanctuary



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Lunar Dunes - Galaxsea (2011)

Lunar Dunes biography
Born out of 100 years of passionate listening and a shared love of Coltrane, Krautrock and the many and varied eccentricities of English Psychedelia, 'From Above' is a record with many antecedents but precious few contemporaries.

Emerging from the landscape of Iker Spozio's other-worldly cover painting (itself an echo of the Nubian utopia created by Mati Klarwein for Miles Davis) through to the final idiot funk spasms of 'Scatter', the Lunar Dunes' debut album is that very same pagan yawp - seventy five minutes of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies that would have Bugs and Tweety cranking up their JBL 100s at the drop of an ACME anvil.

Lunar Dunes clearly know their 'Live Evil' from their 'Wolf City' but this record offers no hiding place for the oldies fetishist. Recorded in three days, edited and mixed in four, the Lunar Dunes come out sounding at once wholly modern and thoroughly European. Shifting from cacophonies of noise and horror to elongated drifting cadences where time becomes space, here is living proof that the making of truly psychedelic music requires less the ingestion of hallucinogens and more by way of imagination, a love of the form and a disregard for the rulebook.

With three hours of music on tape the selection process that produced this double album was pretty straight forward - anything that sounded too much like something they had heard too often before went straight on the cutting room floor. In the words of John Sinclair, a man with more than a passing acquaintance with rock and roll as chaos theory, they will either "make you feel it or leave the room".

It is wholly fitting that what is, at times, a confusingly contradictory record should be created by three people whose shared personal histories go back thirty years, but who had barely spent thirty hours playing together before making their debut album.

If you can detect some Faust here, a little of 'The Who Live At Leeds' there and the simultaneous holographic presence of Elvin Jones, Tina Weymouth, Hariprasad Chaurasia and even Mick Bolton's UFO then you too are riding down Titan's magic mountains with Saturn's rings visible just out the corner of your eye.

'From Above' - Space Rock without the simulator and available right now from a kosmische kiosk near you.

Bio provided by Ian Blackaby (Lunar Dunes)



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Wardruna - Runaljod - Ragnarok (2016)

Wardruna is a Norwegian musical project based on Nordic spiritualism and the runes of the Elder Futhark. It was started by Einar "Kvitrafn" Selvik in 2003, along with Gaahl and Lindy Fay Hella. The band began in 2003 and have since released three full-length albums, each based on a set of runes. Their third album , Runaljod - Ragnarok, was released on October 21, 2016. Wardruna make significant use of traditional instruments including deer-hide frame drums, Kraviklyra, tagelharpe, mouth harp, goat horn and lur. Non-traditional instruments and other sources of sound like trees, rocks, water and torches are also used.

In 2014, Einar Selvik announced on the group's official Facebook page that they would take part in composing the score for season 2 of Vikings along with Trevor Morris. He later appeared as an actor on the show.

In 2015, Gaahl left Wardruna on amicable terms.

Lyrical content and themes

This work contains verses about Norse mythology, particularly referring to Ragnarök. Ragnarök is a series of future events, including a great battle, foretold to ultimately result in the death of a number of major figures, known in the common Germanic deities. Runaljod is a song version of the Norse rune poem.

Track listing

No.TitleEnglish translationLength
1. "Tyr" Týr 6:30
2. "UruR" Urus 10:11
3. "Isa" Ice 7:13
4. "MannaR - Drivande" Man - Pushed 4:09
5. "MannaR - Liv" Man - Life 5:13
6. "Raido" Ride 4:46
7. "Pertho" / (Rune's meaning still unknown) 2:18
8. "Odal" Patrimony 5:29
9. "Wunjo" Joy 5:20
10. "Runaljod" Runes reading 7:36

Total length: 58:45



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Asteroid - III (2016)

Asteroid are a stoner/Fuzz band from Örebro, Swedenfounded in late 2003. They are known for their signature bluesy, psychedelic sound. The band went on hiatus in 2013, but returned in November 2015.

The band was formed by Johannes Nilsson on vocals and bass, Robin Hirse on vocals and guitar and Martin Ström on drums in late 2003. This line-up quickly released their 2004 Demo and a self titled EP in 2005 and began to extensively tour Europe. In 2006 the band released a split album with fellow Swedish stoner rock band Blowback, before releasing their first solo album, 2007's Asteroid.

Some time after the release of their first album, Ström left the band and was replaced on drums by Elvis Campbell, who first appears on 2009's II. II was recorded by Oscar Campbell, Elvis' brother, in the forest at 'The Organ Donor transplant plant/The Planet of the Black Keys' recording studio, during the winter of '08/'09. Campbell left the band in 2012 and was replaced on drums by Henrik Jansson. Jansson made his first appearance on the rare vinyl 7" release Move a Mountain. Jansson left soon after, with Campbell stepping back into the band for touring. Asteroid is presently on a hiatus with Hirse currently focussing on his new project, The Sun, The Moon & The Witch's Blues. Johannes and Elvis recently formed a forest metal project called Mörkla, together with Andreas Lupieri.

In November 2015, after a few cryptic posts on social media, Robin Hirse confirmed via an interview with JJ Koczan of The Obelisk that Asteroid had reformed, with Elvis Campbell rejoining the band on drums. The band's first show back will be in support of All Them Witches in Athens, Greece on 27th February 2016.


1. Pale Moon 06:12
2. Last Days 05:42
3. Til' Dawn 04:14
4. Wolf & Snake 06:31
5. Silver & Gold 03:10
6. Them Calling 05:04
7. Mr. Strange 05:05



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Dp Prpl - 1978 - Singles A's & B's


01 - Hush
02 - One More Rainy Day
03 - Kentucky Woman
04 - Emmaretta
05 - The Bird Has Flown
06 - Hallelujah
07 - Speed King
08 - Black Night
09 - Strange Kind Of Woman
10 - I'm Alone
11 - Fireball
12 - Demon's Eye
13 - Never Before
14 - When A Blind Man Cries
15 - Smoke On The Water
16 - Black Night (Live)
17 - Might Just Take Your Life
18 - Coronarias Redig
19 - You Keep On Moving
20 - Love Child



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Glass Harp - Same (U.s. 1970)

These albums, which are in a progressive/psychedelic style with lots of heavy guitar, are beginning to interest some collectors. The outfit formed in Youngstown, Ohio in the late sixties and were among the State's prime flag bearers of the British invasion.

Track Listing:

Can You See Me (6:25)
Children's Fantasy (4:10)
Changes (In The Heart Of My Own True Love) (6:00)
Village Queen (4:00)
Black Horse (2:50)
Southbound (3:50)
Whatever Life Demands (6:30)
Look In The Sky (8:10)
Garden (5:15)
On Our Own (2:30)

The Glass Harp

JOHN S. FERRA drms, vcls, gtr A B
PHIL KEAGGY gtr, vcls A B
DAN PECCHIO bs, vcls B

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Witchwood - Handful of Stars (2016)


Witchwood born from the ashes of the cult band Buttered Bacon Biscuits in 2014. BBB released "From The Solitary Woods" (Black Widow Records) in 2010. The album has been very well reviewed by many Italian and international music magazines and websites. BBB played many gigs around Italy, also supporting important bands like Uriah Heep, Jethro Tull, Bud Spencer Blues Explosion, etc. They also recorded the cover “A National Acrobat” for the Black Sabbath tribute “Hands Of Doom” released by Mag Music Production in 2013.
After the BBB split some members of the band (Ricky, Andy, Steve and Sam) along with the new bass player Luca Celotti decided to start a new project, Witchwood. Those musicians have been active for decades, with past recording experiences and collaborations with artists such as Martin Grice (Delirium) and Nik Turner (Hawkwind). The debut album "Litanies From The Woods" is the result of 2 years of songwriting, long and hard rehearsals and recording sessions and it has been released by Jolly Roger Records on CD and Digital in May 2015, and on 2 LP in October 2015. The album features ten tracks for 78 minutes and it is a long journey from 70’s hard rock, to progressive, psych, southern rock and blues. The record received excellent reviews both from Italian and international press, and also very good selling-results (the CD has been printed twice and the 500 double LP’s sold out in a few months).
Recently Witchwood were voted as "best emerging band in 2015" by Rock Hard Italy readers, and played the final match in the Wacken Metal Battle competition.
"Handful Of Stars" features 3 brand new tracks written for this release, 2 covers ("Flaming Telepath" from Blue Oyster Cult and "Rainbow Demon" from Uriah Heep), a kind of homage and tribute to these two great bands, so important for Witchwood's musical journey, and an unreleased version of the suite "Handful Of Stars" from "Litanies from the Woods" with a new breathless intro, for 45 minutes of music.
"Handful of Stars" is the right way to celebrate the appreciations received for the debut album and to introduce the new guitar player Antonino Stella, appreciated session man and long time Ricky's friend.
The new video clip for the title track, made by the artist Dimitri Corradini, will be available soon.


01 Presentation- Under the Willow
02 Like a Giant in a Cage
03 A Grave is the River
04 Mother
05 Flaming Telepaths
06 Rainbow Demon
07 Handful of Stars (Alternate Version)



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Okko - Sitar & Electronics 1971

Freaked out kitschy exotic musical project formed by German krautrockers (AR & machines, Liliental, Brave New World...). Sitar & electronics (1971) is a gorgeous buzzing trip based on fuzzed out guitars, ritual handed percussions, trippy Moog synth sequences and indian melodic-epiphanic grooves

Okko - 01 - Ganges Delta
Okko - 02 - Himalaya Highway
Okko - 03 - East Indian Traffic
Okko - 04 - If I Needed Someone
Okko - 05 - Shivas Lullaby
Okko - 06 - Painted Sails on Ganges
Okko - 07 - Santana
Okko - 08 - A Day in the Life



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Eternal Champion - The Armor of Ire (2016)

Inspired by the epic fantasy of Michael Moorcock and savage, pre-Christian war sagas comes ETERNAL CHAMPION, an epic heavy metal band forged in the siege-fires of Austin, Texas, featuring members of Iron Age and Graven Rite, Power Trip, Cruxiter and Hammerwhore and others, and carrying on in the heroic tradition of Manilla Road, Warlord, Omen, Brocas Helm, Cirith Ungol, Metal Church, Griffin, Liege Lord, etc.

From Michael Moorcock's high fantasy series, The Eternal Champion is a reincarnating hero that has lived many lives in the Multiverse, whose deeds are part of a larger interdimensional struggle for Cosmic Balance between the forces of Law and Chaos.

Country of origin:United States
Location:Austin, Texas
Status:ActiveFormed in:2012
Genre:Epic Heavy Metal     Lyrical themes:Fantasy
Current label:No Remorse Records  Years active:2012-present


1. I Am The Hammer
2. The Armor of Ire
3. The Last King Of Pictdom
4. Blood Ice
5. The Cold Sword
6. Invoker
7. Sing A Last Song Of Valdese
8. Shade Gate



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Hail Spirit Noir - Mayhem in Blue (2016)

"Mayhem In Blue", the new album from Psychedelic Prog Black Metallers Hail Spirit Noir, is set for release on Dark Essence Records on the 28th October. The album will be the third full-lenght release for the Greek trio, whose debut album "Pneuma" appeared in 2012, followed by 2014´s "Oi Magoi".

Commenting on what fans can expect from "Mayhem In Blue", the band had to say this: "It's been two and a half years since the release of our last album, and with "Mayhem In Blue" we have set out to express our more aggressive side, without sacrificing any of the psychedelic melodies that are an integral part of what we like to call Hail Spirit Noir's "weird black sound". If anything in fact, the sound is more enticing and trippy than ever.

Hail Spirit Noir

Country of origin:GreeceLocation:Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia
Status:ActiveFormed in:2010
Genre:Progressive/Psychedelic Rock/Black Metal
Lyrical themes:Dark Side of Humanity, Occult, Satanism, PhilosophyCurrent 
label:Dark Essence Records


1. I Mean You Harm 03:55
2. Mayhem in Blue 07:57
3. Riders to Utopia 04:38
4. Lost in Satan's Charms 10:52
5. The Cannibal Tribe Came from the Sea 06:51
6. How to Fly in Blackness 06:16



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Fuzz- Fuzz (album 2013)

Fuzz is an American rock band from California, formed in 2011. The band consists of Charles Moothart (vocals, guitar), Ty Segall(vocals, drums) and Chad Ubovich (vocals, bass)

Created as an outlet for Moothart's affection for hard rock riffs, Fuzz began as collaboration between Moothart and Segall, while Moothart performed in Segall's live band. In 2012, the pair released two singles, "This Time I Got a Reason" and "Sleigh Ride", and were joined by bass guitarist Roland Cosio.

In October 2013, the band released its self-titled debut album, Fuzz. While touring the album, Chad Ubovich (Meatbodies and Mikal Cronin Band) replaced Cosio on bass.[1] In October 2015, Fuzz released their second album, entitled II, written in a more collaborative manner than the band members were used to.

Track Listing

1. "Earthen Gate" 5:01
2. "Sleigh Ride" 3:12
3. "What's In My Head?" 3:55
4. "HazeMaze" 5:50
5. "Loose Sutures" 6:13
6. "Preacher" 2:21
7. "Raise" 3:43
8. "One" 6:06



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The Lord of the Rings - The Complete Songs & Poems- The Return of the King - CD 4

CD 4 The Return Of The King

1Malbeth The Seer's Words 5:53
2Lament Of Théoden 9:35
3Théoden's Battle Cry 0:35
4At Théoden's Death 0:25
5Snowmane's Epitaph 0:21
6Éomer's Song 2:37
7Song Of The Mounds Of Mundburg 5:56
8Athelas 0:34
9Song Of Lebennin 4:56
10Sam's Song In The Orc-Tower 5:23
11Long Live The Halflings! 1:02
12Legolas's Song Of The Sea 5:22
13The Eagle's Song 3:24
14Burial Song Of Théoden 6:51
15The Old Walking Song (III) 3:33
16A Walking Song (II) 1:37
17Elven Hymn To Elbereth Gilthoniel (III)6:07



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McDonald & Sherby - Catharsis (U.s 1969)

McDonald & Sherby's sole contribution to the canon of 20th century music was Catharsis, an album which originally appeared on the appropriately-named Omniscient label (Omniscient Records 1426S) Some have speculated that given the band's prog/psych leanings, Catharsis was probably recorded in the '70s, although the accepted wisdom is that the album was made at Minneapolis's Sound 80 Studios on 1969. The album consists of six long tracks with a decidedly heavy guitar-based vibe, all well- recorded and delivered with considerable aplomb.

01. Addoranne - 10.06
02. Sharks Around Blood - 5.27
03. Run And Hide - 4.17
04. Space Beam - 4.35
05. Swim Free - 15.01
06. Drivin´ Me Crazy - 5.18



Σάββατο, 29 Οκτωβρίου 2016

Ithaca - A game for all who know (U.k 1973)

Ithaca is a multi-instrumental band with organ, auto harp,mandolin, piano, organ, recorder and percussion. The music is a combination of pastoral folk rock, psychedelia and progressive rock with gentle male/female vocals with Lee Menelaus.

First off, don't be deceived by the shitty album cover, because this is a really good album. Ithaca was a British band that played melodic, progressive psych-folk. This is their last album, which was a private-pressed LP that never gained much attention. Most of the album is fairly sparse, sophisticated arrangements of acoustic guitar and electric organ accompanied by male and female vocals that trade off very naturally and pleasantly. There is some use of piano, electric guitar, strings, Mellotron, and recorder, which are all subtle and well integrated.

The album opens with the sound of pages turning, and more or less follows a journey through a cycle of questions, times, feelings, and dreams; a slightly different emphasis from the earlier works mentioned as the band sounds more like a folk version of Pink Floyd. Beautiful interwoven songs with nice tape experiments of added sounds made all the better by the fragile female vocals on offer from Lee Menelaus. A beautiful album with lovely female vocals sounding glorious in a dreamy setting.
In the early '70s, there were some privately pressed albums that held true to the spirit of the psychedelic age, even though mainstream rock moved on to more progressive sounds. Ithaca's 1973 album,` A Game for All Who Know`, is one such rarity, combining folk-rock, psychedelia, and progressive rock in a much more unassuming, breezy fashion than most. The songs are very melodic and tastefully produced (verging on the under-produced, in fact). They have a good mix of male and female vocals, with female singer Lee Menelaus projecting a sweet, serene tone. With just six tracks, it sounds influenced by both West Coast and British psychedelia (the occasional Mellotron being the most British ingredient).


01 - Journey (Destruction - Rebirth - Patterns Of Life)
02 - Quesions (Did You Know - Will We Be Alive)
03 - Times (Seven Seasons - The Path - Given Time)
04 - Feelings (Look Around - I Want To Feel You)
05 - Dreams (Story Of Our Time - Beneath This Sky)
06 - Journey Ii (A Game For All Who Know)



Πέμπτη, 27 Οκτωβρίου 2016

TA PAICHNIDIA TOU ILIOU (the Tricks of the Sun) 2007

70's sound & chaotic spirit in an absolute utopian album. Great crystal sound, with many space folk themes, trippy flutes, majestic female vocals, dreamy childs voice, native instruments & sounds, heavy dope psych melodies & more...

A2.The Dream
B1.Flatter of a Butterfly
B2.Tricks of the Sun



Τρίτη, 25 Οκτωβρίου 2016

Katatonia - 1999 - Tonight's Decision

Katatonia is a Swedish metal band formed in Stockholm in 1991 by Jonas Renkse and Anders Nyström. The band started as a studio-only project for the duo, as an outlet for the band's love of death metal. Increasing popularity lead them to add more band members for live performances, though outside of the band's founders, the lineup was constantly changing, revolving door of musicians throughout the 1990s, notably including Mikael Åkerfeldt of the band Opeth for a period. After twodeath/doom albums, Dance of December Souls (1993) and Brave Murder Day (1996), problems with Renkse's vocal chordscoupled with new musical influences lead the band away from the screamed vocals of death metal to a more traditional, melodic form of heavy metal music. The band released two more albums, Discouraged Ones (1998) and Tonight's Decision(1999), before settling into a stable quintet lineup for all of 2000's. The band released four more albums with said lineup - Last Fair Deal Gone Down (2001), Viva Emptiness (2003), The Great Cold Distance (2006), and Night Is the New Day (2009), with the band slowly moving away from their metal sound while adding more progressive rock sounds to their work over time. While lineup changes started up again into the 2010s, Renkse and Nyström persisted, and the band continued to release music, including Dead End Kings (2012) and their most recent, their tenth studio album, The Fall of Hearts, released on May 20, 2016.

Track listing


1. "For My Demons" 5:47
2. "I Am Nothing" 4:37
3. "In Death, a Song" 4:51
4. "Had to (Leave)" 6:03
5. "This Punishment" 2:46
6. "Right Into the Bliss" 5:04
7. "No Good Can Come of This" 4:24
8. "Strained" 4:15
9. "A Darkness Coming" 5:01
10. "Nightmares by the Sea" (Jeff Buckley cover) 4:15
11. "Black Session" 7:01
12. "No Devotion" (2003 reissue bonus track) 4:48
13. "Fractured" (2003 reissue bonus track) 5:52



Κυριακή, 23 Οκτωβρίου 2016

Hexvessel - No Holier Temple (2012) (re-up)

Hexvessel biography

Hexvessel is a Finish group led by English immigrant Mat ?Kvohst? McNerney. They play Gothic style of psychedelic folk rock, with wide ranging influences including early PINK FLOYD, HAWKWIND, AMON DUUL II, and VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR, among many others. A pagan, nature centered vibe is discerned even through the occasionally metallic threads, and instrumentation is as varied as that implies


1 Heaven And Earth Magic 1:32
2 Woods To Conjure 4:05
3 Wilderness Is! 1:31
4 A Letter In Birch Bark 4:32
5 Elegy To Goyahkla 1:26
6 His Portal Tomb 10:10
7 Are You Coniferous? 2:37
8 Sacred Marriage 7:55
9 Dues To The Dolmen 4:28
10 Unseen Sun 13:22
11 Your Head Is Reeling 4:26



Παρασκευή, 21 Οκτωβρίου 2016

MONO - Requiem For Hell (2016)

Mono (stylised as MONO) is a Japanese post-rock band, formed in 1999 in Tokyo. The band consists of Takaakira "Taka" Goto (electric guitar, glockenspiel), Hideki "Yoda" Suematsu (electric guitar, glockenspiel), Tamaki Kunishi (bass guitar, electric guitar, piano, glockenspiel), and Yasunori Takada (drum kit, glockenspiel, synthesizer).

Mono has released nine studio albums. The band spent their early years, from 1999 to 2003, touring Asia, Europe, and America continuously, and released two studio albums, Under the Pipal Tree (2001) and One Step More and You Die (2002) on the Tzadik and Music Mine Inc. record labels, respectively. From 2004 to 2007, Mono signed to Temporary Residence Limited, released two more studio albums, Walking Cloud and Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered and the Sun Shined (2004) andYou Are There (2006), and toured worldwide in their support. In 2008, the band took a break, returning one year later with a new studio album, Hymn to the Immortal Wind (2009), also on Temporary Residence Limited. During the tour that followed they recorded a live album, Holy Ground: NYC Live With The Wordless Music Orchestra which was released in 2010. In October 2016 the band released their ninth studio album, titled Requiem for Hell.

The band's style of music is influenced by the genres of experimental rock and shoegazing, as well as by both the classicaland contemporary classical periods of classical music, and also by noise and minimalism. Mono's sound is characterised by the lead and rhythm guitars of Goto and Yoda respectively, both of whom make extensive use of reverb, distortion and delayeffects. The band's live performances are noted for their intensity, both in the playing and in the dynamics.


01 - Death In Rebirth
02 - Stellar
03 - Requiem For Hell
04 - Ely’s Heartbeat
05 - The Last Scene



Τετάρτη, 19 Οκτωβρίου 2016

Airbourne - Breakin' Outta Hell [2016]

Not to be confused with US jazz group Airborne or the 1970s Australian band Airbourne.

Airbourne is an Australian hard rock band formed in Warrnambool in 2003. Mainstay members are Joel O'Keeffe on lead vocals and lead guitar, his brother, Ryan O'Keeffe on drums, and David Roads on rhythm guitar and backing vocals. They were later joined byJustin Street on bass guitar and backing vocals. Their debut album, Runnin' Wild, was released in June 2007 and peaked in the top 30 on the ARIA Albums Chart. It appeared on the United Kingdom Albums Chart and United States Billboard 200. By August 2013, it was certified with Silver award by BPI.[1] Their second album, No Guts. No Glory. was issued in March 2010 and reached the top 20 on the ARIA Chart, top 40 in the UK and also appeared on the Billboard 200. Their third studio album Black Dog Barking was released on 21 May 2013.

Track listing

1. "Breakin' Outta Hell" 3:53
2. "Rivalry" 4:03
3. "Get Back Up" 3:38
4. "Never Too Loud for Me" 3:24
5. "Thin the Blood" 3:29
6. "I'm Going to Hell for This" 3:45
7. "Down On You" 4:19
8. "Never Been Rocked Like This" 3:07
9. "When I Drink I Go Crazy" 2:41
10. "Do Me Like You Do Yourself" 3:58
11. "It's All for Rock N Roll" 3:39



Τρίτη, 18 Οκτωβρίου 2016

Saturnalia - Magical Love (1969)

Saturnalia biography

SATURNALIA was an obscure Brittish psychedelic band, leaving only one studio album as a target for the collectors of psychdelic rock albums. The record "Magical Love" was produced by Keith Relf (from RENAISSANCE and YARDBIRDS), and it was released year 1969. Later there have been reissues done for example by Italian Akarma label. The album contains slightly occult themed psychedelic early progressive rock, resembling JEFFERSON AIRPLANE with their similar male/female double vocal concept and US West Coast psych guitar tones. 
The singers were Adrian Hawkins and Aletta, guitar was played by Rod Roach and the rhythm section had Richard Houghton on bass guitar and Tom Crompton playing the drums. Another comparison for the occult themed progressive rock album with male/female vocals could be BLACK WIDOW's "Return to The Sabbath", the first deleted and later reissued version of their "Sacrifice" album. The definite versions of "Magical Love" album has a 28-page booklet about the astrology, which was a strong element to the players doing this record. Certainly a nice and recommendable obscurity for the album collecttors for the fans of mentioned themes.

Track listing
1. "Magical Love"
2. "She Brings Peace"
3. "And I Have Loved You"
4. "Winchester Town"
5. "Traitor"
6. "Soul Song"
7. "Princess & The Peasant Boy"
8. "Dreaming"
9. "Step Out Of Line"


Σάββατο, 15 Οκτωβρίου 2016

Gong - Rejoice! I'm Dead! (2016)

Gong is an international psychedelic rock band known for incorporating elements of jazz and space rock into its musical style. The group was formed in Paris in 1967 by Australian musician Daevid Allen and English vocalist Gilli Smyth. Notable band members have included Didier Malherbe, Pip Pyle, Steve Hillage, Mike Howlett, Pierre Moerlen, Bill Laswell and Theo Travis. Others who have played on stage with Gong include Don CherryChris Cutler, Bill Bruford, Brian Davison, Dave Stewart and Tatsuya Yoshida.

Gong released its debut album, Magick Brother, in 1970, which featured a psychedelic pop sound.[By the following year, the second album, Camembert Electrique, featured the more psychedelic rock/space rock sound with which they would be most associated.Between 1973 and 1974, Gong released their best known work, the allegorical Radio Gnome Invisible trilogy, describing the adventures of Zero the Hero, the Good Witch Yoni and the Pot Head Pixies from the Planet Gong.

In 1975, Daevid Allen & Gilli Smyth left the band, which continued without them, releasing a series of jazz rock albums under the leadership of drummer Pierre Moerlen. This incarnation of the band became known as Pierre Moerlen's Gong. Meanwhile, Smyth formed Mother Gong while Allen initiated a series of spin-off groups, including Planet Gong, New York Gong and Gongmaison, before returning to lead Gong once again in 1990 until his death in 2015. With Allen's encouragement, the band decided to continue and released the album Rejoice! I'm Dead! on 16 September 2016.

Track listing

1. "The Thing That Should Be" 3:34
2. "Rejoice!" 10:17
3. "Kapital" 3:21
4. "Model Village" 6:43
5. "Beatrix" 2:54
6. "Visions" 4:29
7. "The Unspeakable Stands Revealed" 11:49
8. "Through Restless Seas I Come" 6:58
9. "Insert Yr Own Prophecy" 9:36


Τετάρτη, 12 Οκτωβρίου 2016

The Lord of the Rings - The Complete Songs & Poems- The Two Towers - CD 3

Complete Songs & Poems is a compilation album of all the songs from J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings set to music by The Tolkien Ensemble. The album's four CDs rearrange the placement of the 69 songs that had previously been released on individual albums so they now appear in the same order as in the book.


"Lament for Boromir" (Caspar Reiff)
"Song of Gondor" (Caspar Reiff)
"The Long List of the Ents (I)" (Peter Hall)
"Treebeard's Song" (Caspar Reiff)
"The Ent and the Entwife" (Caspar Reiff)
"Bregalad's Song" (Caspar Reiff)
"The Ent's Marching Song" (Peter Hall)
"Galadriel's Messages" (Caspar Reiff)
"Lament of the Rohirrim" (Caspar Reiff)
"Gandalf's Song of Lórien" (Caspar Reiff)
"Call to Arms Rohirrim" (Caspar Reiff)
"Gandalf's Riddle to the Ents" (Caspar Reiff)
"The Long List of the Ents (II)" (Peter Hall)
"A Rhyme of Lore" (Caspar Reiff)
"Gollums Song/ Riddle" (Peter Hall)
"Oliphaunt" (Peter Hall)
"Sam's invocation of Elven Hymn to Elbereth Gilthoniel" (Peter Hall)


Δευτέρα, 10 Οκτωβρίου 2016

Def Leppard-On Through the Night (1980)

On Through the Night is the debut album by English rock band Def Leppard, released in 1980. The album was produced by Tom Allom. It charted at No. 15 on the UK Albums Chart[1] and No. 51 on the Billboard 200.[2] The album features re-recorded versions of "Rocks Off" and "Overture", tracks from the band's original independently released EP, The Def Leppard E.P. Other tracks are re-recorded versions of early demos, some of which appeared on the First Strike and Warchild bootlegs. The album was certified goldby the RIAA on November 18, 1983 and platinum on 9 May 1989.[3]

"Rocks Off", "Wasted", "Hello America" and "Rock Brigade" were released as singles. However, the versions of "Rocks Off" (titled "Getcha Rocks Off") and "Wasted" that appears on the singles is a different recording from that of the LP, as is its B-side, "Hello America". The single "Getcha Rocks Off" included the songs "Ride into the Sun" and "Overture".

The spoken word intro to "When the Walls Came Tumbling Down" was performed by Dave Cousins of Strawbs fame, although Joe Elliott had done the spoken portion in earlier live performances and demo recordings that showed up on some early bootlegs. In his biography, Cousins claims that he did his best Lawrence Olivier impersonation for the song's intro.

Track listing
Side one
1. "Rock Brigade" Rick Savage, Steve Clark, Joe Elliott (solo: Pete Willis) 3:09
2. "Hello America" Savage, Clark, Elliott (solo: Steve Clark) 3:27
3. "Sorrow Is a Woman" Savage, Clark, Pete Willis, Elliott (1st solo: Steve Clark / 2nd solo: Pete Willis / 3rd: Steve Clark & Pete Willis) 3:54
4. "It Could Be You" Willis, Elliott (solo: Pete Willis) 2:33
5. "Satellite" Savage, Clark, Willis, Elliott (solo: Pete Willis / ride out licks: Steve Clark) 4:28
6. "When the Walls Came Tumbling Down" Clark, Elliott, Andrew Smith (solo: Steve Clark) 4:44

Side two
7. "Wasted" Clark, Elliott (solo: Steve Clark) 3:45
8. "Rocks Off" Willis, Savage, Clark, Elliott (solo: Steve Clark) 3:42
9. "It Don't Matter" Willis, Elliott, Clark (solo: Steve Clark) 3:21
10. "Answer to the Master" Willis, Clark, Savage, Elliott (1st solo: Steve Clark / 2nd solo: Pete Willis) 3:13
11. "Overture"



Παρασκευή, 7 Οκτωβρίου 2016

Violent Femmes - The Blind Leading the Naked (1986)

The Blind Leading the Naked is the third album by Violent Femmes. It was produced by Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads and released in 1986. The title is a play on the figure of speech "the blind leading the blind."

Track listing


1. "Old Mother Reagan" 0:31
2. "No Killing" 5:13
3. "Faith" 4:14
4. "Breakin' Hearts" 2:15
5. "Special" 2:18
6. "Love & Me Make Three" (Brian Ritchie, Victor DeLorenzo) 2:53
7. "Candlelight Song" 3:11
8. "I Held Her in My Arms" 2:52
9. "Children of the Revolution" (Marc Bolan) 4:19
10. "Good Friend" 3:28
11. "Heartache" 2:02
12. "Cold Canyon" 3:22
13. "Two People" 0:58


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HammerFall - 1997 Glory To The Brave (Reissue) 2001

01. The Dragon Lies Bleeding
02. The Metal Age
03. HammeFall
04. I Believe
05. Child Of The Damned
06. Steel Meets Steel
07. Stone Cold
08. Unchained
09. Glory To The Brave
10. Always Will Be (Acoustic Version)
11. Breaking The Law
12. Steel Meet Steel (Live)




Silent screaming, you're on your own
Balancing on a blade
Between what's right and what is wrong
Don't loose your faith, don't sit there in silence
Show your strength, let's hail the metal Gods,
Bare your heart

All for one, our burning hearts will live forever
One for all, together standing strong

Hammerfall - we will prevail
Hammerfall - let us hail

Hammerfall - we will prevail
Hammerfall - let us hail

We share a dream, the future is ours
A Metal Heart is hard to tear apart, heed the call
A flash of light calls out the providers
We run this race, but we will never crawl, all hail

All for one, our burning hearts will live forever
One for all, together standing strong

Hammerfall - we will prevail
Hammerfall - let us hail
Hammerfall - we will prevail
Hammerfall - let us hail

Just follow your heart, don't listen to the crowd
The wisdom, the voice is calling from inside
The time long forgotten will soon come again
Prepare for the meeting, the Gods of Metal reign

Σάββατο, 24 Σεπτεμβρίου 2016

David Gilmour - On an Island (2006)

On an Island is the third solo album by Pink Floyd member David Gilmour. It was released in the UK on 6 March 2006, Gilmour's 60th birthday, and in the US the following day. It was his first solo album in twenty two years since 1984's About Face and twelve years since 1994's Pink Floyd album The Division Bell.

Track listing

All music written by David Gilmour.

1. "Castellorizon" Instrumental 3:54
2. "On an Island" Gilmour, Polly Samson 6:47
3. "The Blue" Samson 5:26
4. "Take a Breath" Samson 5:46
5. "Red Sky at Night" Instrumental 2:51
6. "This Heaven" Gilmour, Samson 4:24
7. "Then I Close My Eyes" Instrumental 5:26
8. "Smile" Samson 4:03
9. "A Pocketful of Stones" Samson 6:17
10. "Where We Start"  6:45