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Τετάρτη 31 Οκτωβρίου 2018

Sula Bassana- Dark Days (2012)

Sula Bassana biography
Dave Schmidt - Born 1968-01-27

SULA BASSANA is the alias for a talented musician named Dave Schmidt. Being master of several instruments he's able to retrospect to a lot of collaborations composing and performing his music. Experiences on stage making spacy, trippy and Krautrock inspired music initiated in 1986 as a keyboard player of the electronic duo Solaris. With the project Twilight Network he gave the last electronic concert in 1991 at the Zeiss Grossplanetarium in Berlin. Some years later he met Hans-Peter Ringholz to form the band Liquid Visions, now playing the bass guitar and producing space rock music similar to Hawkwind. The band had several releases over the years and is currently existing but SULA BASSANA left in 2003.

In the meanwhile in 1997 Zone Six was founded together with Ringholz and Claus Bühler. Five official albums and a lot of live-CD-Rs full of improvised space and Kraut music followed and the band is still alive. SULA BASSANA additionally formed the studio project Weltraumstaunen in 1998 to record some freak outs and filled the drummers seat of the space rock band Growing Seeds. Further collaborations were Psychedelic Monsterjam with Mani Neumeier and Ax Genrich (Guru Guru) with two live albums as the result. They also had a successful gig at the Burg Herzberg Festival 2006. Another collaboration happened with the krautrock band Electric Orange.

The first SULA BASSANA solo album 'Dreamer' sounds like a freaky psychedelic trip - composed, played and produced by himself in 2002. References to Pink Floyd are to examine but also ambient and chillout emphasized parts. 'Sula Bassana And The Nasoni Pop Art Experimental Band Vol. 1' from 2006 is the current release supported by some friends from various bands - an ambitious and mellow work with variety. Located in Austria now Dave Schmidt still works on some new projects.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Underground (9:35)
2. Departure (6:04)
3. Surrealistic Journey (20:17)
4: Dark Days (9:05)
5. Bright Nights (9:42)
6. Arriving Nowhere (16:47)

Total Time: 71:30



Δευτέρα 29 Οκτωβρίου 2018

Mourn - Mourn (1995)

From their self-titled album released on Rise Above Records in 1995. Brilliant but short-lived Doom Rock from London, UK. Mourn were Caroline Wilson - Vocals, William Palmer - Guitar, Ali Reza Hakimi Ghazvini - Guitar, Steve Drasey - Bass & Mark Cronin - Drums.

01 Awakening
02 Iron Sky
03 Children of the Circle
04 Drowning
05 Through These Eyes
06 Dreamless Sleep
07 After All
08 Forever More



Πέμπτη 25 Οκτωβρίου 2018

Electric Hoodoo - Electric Hoodoo (2015)

★ Retro Blues Rock Band from Dresden, s/t Album (2015)

01 Station Blues
02 The Phoenix
03 Wade in the Water
04 What's Going On
05 Guiding Light


Τρίτη 23 Οκτωβρίου 2018

Ozric Tentacles - Eternal Wheel (The Best Of) (2004)

Ozric Tentacles (also known as The Ozrics) are an English instrumental rock band, whose music incorporates elements from a diverse range of genres, including psychedelic rock, progressive rock, space rock, jazz fusion, electronic music, dub music, world music, and ambient music. Formed in Somerset in 1983, the band has released over 30 albums selling over a million copies worldwide despite never having signed to a major recording label. Throughout many line-up changes over the years, co-founder and guitarist Ed Wynne has remained the only original member of the band. The band is now credited as one of the major influences of the UK festival scene's re-emergence, becoming particularly associated with the Glastonbury Festival and their handmade series of cassette releases, mostly sold at gigs and through a fan club.


Δευτέρα 22 Οκτωβρίου 2018

Blues Pills - Lady in Gold (2016)


01 - Lady in gold
02 - Little boy preacher
03 - Burned out
04 - I felt a change
05 - Gone so long
06 - Bad talkers
07 - You gotta try
08 - Won t go back
09 - Rejection
10 - Elements and things



Τετάρτη 17 Οκτωβρίου 2018

Uriah Heep - Salisbury (1971) - Firefly (1977)

Uriah Heep are an English rock band formed in London in 1969. It has had the same lineup since 2013: lead and rhythm guitarist Mick Box, keyboardist Phil Lanzon, lead vocalist Bernie Shaw, drummer Russell Gilbrook and bassist Davey Rimmer. Of the current lineup, Box is the only remaining original member. Throughout many lineup changes, the band have included many notable musicians, such as vocalists David Byron, John Lawton, John Sloman, Peter Goalby and Steff Fontaine, bassists Gary Thain, Trevor Bolder, John Wetton, Bob Daisley and John Jowitt, drummers Nigel Olsson, Lee Kerslake and Chris Slade, and keyboardists Ken Hensley and John Sinclair.

Over the course of their 49-year career, Uriah Heep have released twenty-five studio albums, two albums composed of re-recorded material, eighteen live albums and thirty-nine compilation albums. Twelve of the band's studio albums have made it to the UK Albums Chart (Return to Fantasy reached No. 7 in 1975) while of the fifteen Billboard 200 Uriah Heep albums Demons and Wizards was the most successful (#23, 1972). In the late 1970s the band had massive success in Germany, where the "Lady in Black" single was a big hit.

Uriah Heep's audience declined by the 1980s, to the point where they became essentially a cult band in the United Kingdom and United States. The band maintains a significant following and performs at arena-sized venues in the Balkans, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Russia and Scandinavia. They have sold over 40 million albums worldwide with over 4 million sales in the U.S, where its best-known songs include "Easy Livin'", "The Wizard", "Sweet Lorraine", and "Stealin'".

Salisbury (1971)

1."Bird of Prey"Box, Byron, Hensley, Newton 4:13
2."The Park"Hensley 5:41
3."Time to Live"Box, Byron, Hensley 4:01
4."Lady in Black"Hensley 4:44
5."High Priestess"Hensley 3:42
6."Salisbury"Box, Byron, Hensley 

Firefly (1977)
1. "The Hanging Tree" Hensley, Jack Williams  3:40
2. "Been Away Too Long"    5:03
3. "Who Needs Me" Lee Kerslake 3:39
4. "Wise Man"  4:40
5. "Do You Know"  3:12
6. "Rollin' On"  6:21
7. "Sympathy"  4:44
8. "Firefly"  6:21

download cd 1971

                 cd 1977



Παρασκευή 12 Οκτωβρίου 2018

Tricks of the Sun

A2.The Dream
B1.Flatter of a Butterfly
B2.Tricks of the Sun


Τρίτη 9 Οκτωβρίου 2018

Oresund Space Collective - Visions of (2016)

Øresund Space Collective biography
Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2004

It all started with some loose jam sessions in the rehearsal rooms of the bands Bland Bladen and Mantric Muse. Founded by Scott Heller aka Dr. Space (synth, management) in 2004 ØRESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE (OSC) are a multinational crew which get together as often as possible to play free form improvised space rock music. The band name derives from the Øresund Bridge, connecting Denmark and Sweden since the year 2000. The purpose is to offer another flavour with every new session. This is guaranteed by everlasting line-up changes.

The whole OSC family comprises more than 30 members in the meanwhile, temporarily entrusted by nearly every existing Nordic psych/space band. They have toured all over in Europe whilst collaborating with Sula Bassana and others. The musical trademark is provided by a grooving backbone in general. This is decorated by playful multiple guitars and a proper proportion of synthesizer and organ input. The interplay is somnambulistic due to a special spirit. All in all their music blends elements of psychedelic, space, dub, jazz and krautrock. Nearly every studio session or live gig has been recorded - the best-of excerpts got a place on several studio albums, starting with the eponymous debut in 2006.

Additionally the band offer several recordings for free via their official website respectively other legal download platforms, for example Internet Archives. The Black Tornado Studios in Copenhagen must be beneficial for the band's spirit - with the result of several highlights. Released on Transubstans 'It's All About Delay' (2006) and 'Black Tomato' (2007) are critically acclaimed albums coming from jam sessions in early 2006. Two years later a different line-up recorded new high quality material at the same place. 'Slip Into The Vortex' and 'Dead Man In Space' have been already released in 2010, a third album is announced.


01. Visions of ...
02. Above the Corner
03. Piece of Seven
04. Around the Corner



Σάββατο 6 Οκτωβρίου 2018

The Obsessed (collection)

The Obsessed is a heavy metal band from Maryland led by Scott "Wino" Weinrich which combines elements of doom metal, stoner rock and punk rock.[1] Formed in 1980, they recorded a few demos and played a handful of live shows until they first split up in 1986 when Weinrich joined as lead vocalist for Saint Vitus, but reformed four years later. After releasing three albums (including the one that was originally recorded in 1985), The Obsessed broke up for a second time in 1995. After briefly reuniting for some shows in 2012 and 2013, The Obsessed announced their third reunion in March 2016.

Unlreleased LP-1985
The Obsessed (Hellhound Records, 1990)
Lunar Womb (Hellhound Records, 1991)
Sacred (Relapse Records, 2017)


Τρίτη 2 Οκτωβρίου 2018

Costis Christodoulou - A Meeting (2013)

Leonidas Sarantopoulos, flute, alto flute, bansuri; Costis Christodoulou, piano; Nikos Sidirokastritis, drums. Recorded on 22nd of March 2012 by Dimitris Karpouzas, at Lizard Sound Studios, Athens, GR. [cover: photo ("A Meeting") by John Prassas]


Costis Christodoulou - A Meeting - 01 Part I
Costis Christodoulou - A Meeting - 02 Part II
Costis Christodoulou - A Meeting - 03 Part III
Costis Christodoulou - A Meeting - 04 Part IV
Costis Christodoulou - A Meeting - 05 Part V