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Κυριακή 29 Μαρτίου 2015

Craang - To The Estimated Size Of The Universe (2014)

Craang is a three piece psychedelic heavy rock band from Thessaloniki, Greece - Two guys and one gal groovin’ around with huge crash cymbals, drone fuzz pedals and lots of rock jam stoner psych.

Their first album “To The Estimated Size Of The Universe” was self produced and released on CD in May 2014 which very quickly sold out. Later in September of the same year they signed with Pink Tank Records (DE) and in February 2015 they released a limited edition vinyl of the same album in collaboration with Hevisike Records (UK) in three colors, which was pre-ordered and sold almost out of existence before official release. 

Craang’s music is a mixture of psychedelic melodies supported by ripping bass
riffs and huge drum sounds. Their heaviness creates a long lasting drone sound with erupting crescendos and long jamming bluesy parts that please even the most demanding of ears.




Παρασκευή 27 Μαρτίου 2015

Curtis Mayfield - Super Fly 1972 (Soundtrack)

Curtis Lee Mayfield (June 3, 1942 – December 26, 1999) was an African American soul, R&B, and funk singer-songwriter, guitarist, and record producer, who was one of the most influential musicians behind soul and politically conscious African-American music. He first achieved success and recognition with the Impressions during the Civil Rights Movement of the late 1950s and 1960s, and later worked as a solo artist

After leaving the Impressions in 1970 in the pursuit of a solo career, Mayfield released several albums, including the soundtrack for the blaxploitation film Super Fly in 1972. The soundtrack was noted for its socially conscious themes, mostly addressing problems surrounding inner city minorities such as crime, poverty and drug abuse. The album was ranked at no. 72 on Rolling Stone's list of 500 Greatest Albums of All Time!

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01-Little Child Runnin' Wild
03-Freddie's Dead
04-Junkie Chase - instrumental
05-Give Me Your Love (Love Song)
06-Eddie You Should Know Better
07-No Thing On Me (Cocaine Song)
08-Think - instrumental
10-Freddie's Dead - theme from _Superfly_ - Single Mix - bonus track
11-Superfly - Single Mix - bonus track


Τρίτη 24 Μαρτίου 2015

History of Rock (part 5)


01 - (Free) - Little Bit Of Love
02 - (Bad Company) - Can't Get Enough
03 - (Trapeze) - The Loser
04 - (Jo Jo Gunne) - Run Run Run
05 - (Brownsville Station) - Smokin' In The Boys Room
06 - (Status Quo) - Caroline
07 - (Canned Heat) - Let's Work Together
08 - (Ten Years After) - Love Like A Man
09 - (Pat Travers Band) - Snortin' Whiskey
10 - (The Faces) - Stay With Me
11 - (Paul Rodgers) - Muddy Water Blues
12 - (Free) - My Brother Jake
13 - (Dixie Dregs) - Take It Off The Top
14 - (Lynyrd Skynyrd) - Free Bird
15 - (Gary Moore) - Parisienne Walkways


Σάββατο 21 Μαρτίου 2015


Islands is the fourth studio album by King Crimson. The album was released in 1971.

The last King Crimson studio album before the group's trilogy of Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Starless and Bible Black andRed, it is also the last to feature the lyrics of Peter Sinfield and the last to feature the band's 'traditional' progressive and symphonic sound.

The album received mixed reviews. There are four tracks with lyrics on this album, and three of them concern women.

side one
1. "Formentera Lady" 10:18
2. "Sailor's Tale" (instrumental) (Fripp) 7:29
3. "The Letters" 4:28

Side two No.TitleLength
4. "Ladies of the Road" 5:31
5. "Prelude: Song of the Gulls" (instrumental) (Fripp) 4:14
6. "Islands"


Παρασκευή 20 Μαρτίου 2015

Murray Bookchin - Ιεραρχία και Κυριαρχία

Murray Bookchin (January 14, 1921 – July 30, 2006)[5] was an American anarchist and libertarian socialist author, orator, historian, and political theoretician. A pioneer in the ecology movement,[6] Bookchin initiated the critical theory ofsocial ecology within anarchist, libertarian socialist, and ecological thought. He was the author of two dozen books covering topics in politics, philosophy, history, urban affairs, and ecology. Among the most important were Our Synthetic Environment, Post-Scarcity Anarchism, and The Ecology of Freedom. In the late 1990s he became disenchanted with the increasingly apolitical lifestylism of the contemporary anarchist movement (see: lifestyle anarchism) and stopped referring to himself as an anarchist. Instead, he founded his own libertarian socialist ideology called Communalism.[7]

Bookchin was an anti-capitalist and vocal advocate of the decentralisation of society along ecological and democratic lines. His writings on libertarian municipalism, a theory of face-to-face, assembly democracy, had an influence on theGreen movement and anti-capitalist direct action groups such as Reclaim the Streets.

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Τρίτη 17 Μαρτίου 2015

Γιάννης Ιωάννου : Περιοδικό Αντί - Εκλογες σε σκιτσα

Γελοιογραφιες με θεμα τις εκλογες καποτε στην Ελλαδα !


Κυριακή 15 Μαρτίου 2015

The Zombies – Odessey & Oracle {1968}

The Zombies are an English rock band, formed in 1961 in St Albans and led by Rod Argent (piano, organ and vocals) and Colin Blunstone (vocals).

The group scored British and American hits in 1964 with "She's Not There". In the US two further singles, "Tell Her No" in 1965 and "Time of the Season" in 1969, were also successful.[1]

Their 1968 album, Odessey and Oracle is ranked number 100 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.[2]


01.-The Zombies - Care of cell 44
02.- The Zombies - A Rose for Emily
03.- The Zombies - Maybe after he`s gone
04.- The Zombies - Beechwood Park
05.- The Zombies - Brief Candles
06.- The Zombies - Hung up on a dream
07.- The Zombies - Changes
08.- The Zombies - I Want her she wants me
09.- The Zombies - This will be our year
10.- The Zombies - Butchers tale (Western front 1914)
11.- The Zombies - Friends of mine
12.- The Zombies - Time of the season



Πέμπτη 12 Μαρτίου 2015

Brian Eno - Before and After Science (1977)

Before and After Science is the fifth studio album by British musician Brian Eno. Produced by Eno and Rhett Davies, it was originally released by Polydor Records in December 1977. Guest musicians from the United Kingdom and Germany helped with the album, including members of Roxy Music, Free, Fairport Convention, Can and Cluster. Over one hundred tracks were written with only ten making the album's final cut. The musical styles of the album range from energetic and jagged to the later tracks which are more languid and pastoral.

The album marks Eno's last foray into rock music for the 1970s as a solo artist, with all his remaining albums of the decade showcasing more of Eno's avant-garde and ambient music, which was hinted at on the second half of Before and After Science. The album was Eno's second to chart in the United States. The song "King's Lead Hat", an anagram for Talking Heads, was remixed and released as a single although it didn't chart in the United Kingdom. Critical response to the album has remained positive, with several critics calling it one of Eno's best works.

Δευτέρα 9 Μαρτίου 2015

Fela kuti & africa 70 - Zombie {1977}


Zombie is a studio album by Nigerian Afrobeat musician Fela Kuti. It was released in Nigeria by Coconut Records in 1976, and in the United Kingdom by Creole Records in 1977.[1]

The album criticised the Nigerian government; and it is thought to have resulted in the murder of Kuti's motherFunmilayo Ransome-Kuti, and the destruction of his commune by the military.

The album was a scathing attack on Nigerian soldiers using the zombie metaphor to describe the methods of the Nigerian military. The album was a smash hit with the people and infuriated the government, setting off a vicious attack against the Kalakuta Republic (a commune that Fela had established in Nigeria), during which one thousand soldiers attacked the commune. Kuti was severely beaten, and his elderly mother was thrown from a window, causing fatal injuries. The Kalakuta Republic was burned, and Kuti's studio, instruments, and master tapes were destroyed. Kuti claimed that he would have been killed if it were not for the intervention of a commanding officer as he was being beaten. Kuti's response to the attack was to deliver his mother's coffin to the main army barrack in Lagos and write two songs, "Coffin for Head of State" and "Unknown Soldier", referencing the official inquiry that claimed the commune had been destroyed by an unknown soldier.

Kuti and his band then took residence in Crossroads Hotel as the Shrine had been destroyed along with his commune. In 1978 Kuti married 27 women, many of whom were his dancers, composers, and singers to mark the anniversary of the attack on the Kalakuta Republic. Later, he was to adopt a rotation system of keeping only twelve simultaneous wives.[5] The year was also marked by two notorious concerts, the first in Accra in which riots broke out during the song "Zombie," which led to Kuti being banned from entering Ghana. The second was at the Berlin Jazz Festival after which most of Kuti's musicians deserted him, due to rumors that Kuti was planning to use the entirety of the proceeds to fund his presidential campaign.

From Wiki

Review by Sam Samuelson

Zombie was the most popular and impacting record that Fela Anikulopo Kuti and Africa 70 would record -- it ignited the nation to follow Fela's lead and antagonize the military zombies that had the population by the throat. Fela is direct and humorous in his attack as he barks out commands to the soldiers like: "Attention! Double up! Fall In! Fall out! Fall down! Get ready!" Meanwhile, his choir responds with "Zombie!" in between each statement. Since the groove was so absolutely contagious, it took the nation by storm: People in the street would put on a blank stare and walk with hands affront proclaiming "Zombie!" whenever they would see soldiers. If "Zombie" caught the attention of the populous it also cought the attention of the authority figures -- this would cause devastating personal and professional effects as the Nigerian government came down on him with absolute brute force not long after the release of this record. Also included are "Monkey Banana," a laid-back groove that showcases drummer Tony Allen's mastery of the Afro-beat, and "Everything Scatter," a standard mid-tempo romp. Both songs are forgetful in relation to "Zombie," but this is still an essential disc to own for the title track alone.

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Ostrogoth - Too Hot 1985

OSTROGOTH is an old school heavy metal band, based in Ghent, Belgium. The band writes, records and plays their own music since the early ‘80s. Influenced by classic bands such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, MSG and Scorpions, Ostrogoth strives to write high quality and harmonic melodies, combined with pounding drums and groovy bass-lines.


01 - Too Hot
02 - Shoot Back
03 - Sign Of Life
04 - The Gardens Of Marrakesh
05 - Love In The Streets
06 - Night Women (Don't Like Me)
07 - Endless Winterdays
08 - Catch The Sound Of Peace
09 - Halloween


Πέμπτη 5 Μαρτίου 2015

Υπεραστικοί - Ρουά ματ (ε7)

Ρουά ματ (ε7)

Απ' το τζάκι του μπροστά ο αφέντης χρόνια,
χορτασμένος μ' ακουμπά, δίπλα στ' άλλα πιόνια.
Μες στη μαύρη μου στολή, χιλιοφορεμένη,
μια "βεγγαλική" ζωή τρέμει κι υπομένει

Πίσω μου ο βασιλιάς τρίβει την κοιλιά του.
Κρέμεται ο μπουνταλάς στη βασίλισσά του.
Δύο αξιωματικοί δίπλα στ' άλογά τους,
σε δυο πύργους κρύβουνε τη λιγοψυχιά τους.

Μπρος μου έχω το θάνατο, τον αφέντη πίσω,
τον λευκό μου αδερφό πρέπει να νικήσω.
Μες στην άσπρη του στολή, χιλιοφορεμένη,
πιόνι στην παρτίδα αυτή, τρέμει κι υπομένει.

Πίσω του άλλος βασιλιάς τρίβει την κοιλιά του.
Κρέμεται ο μπουνταλάς στη βασίλισσά του.
Δυο λευκοί αξιωματικοί στ' άσπρα τ' άλογά τους,
σε δυο πύργους κρύβουνε τη λιγοψυχιά τους.

Βήμα βήμα αντικριστά, πιόνια γεννημένοι,
για ένα μάτσο μπάσταρδους πάμε για χαμένοι.
Ξένα τα τετράγωνα, μαύρα κι άσπρα ξένα,
για το βιος του βασιλιά πέφτουμε ένα ένα.

Σκέψου να αλλάζαμε τούτους τους κανόνες.
Το χορτάτο βασιλιά βάλτε στους στρατώνες.
Πύργοι κι αξιωματικοί κι η βασίλισσά μας
να 'ναι πρώτοι στη γραμμή για την αφεντιά μας.

Κι όταν οι αφέντες μας πρώτοι φαγωθούνε,
τη στολή θα βγάλουμε και θα ενωθούμε.

Τα μεγάλα τζάκια τους σβήνουν στην ορμή μας,
οι καρποί του μόχθου μας να 'ναι όλοι δικοί μας.
Σ' όλα τα τετράγωνα, σ' όλα, μαύρα κι άσπρα,
των τυράννων θρύψαλα κάνουμε τα κάστρα.
Των αστών θα κάνουμε θρύψαλα τα κάστρα.


Τρίτη 3 Μαρτίου 2015

VA - A Metal Tribute To Tolkien (2014)

Μια επικη συλλογη που μας ταξιδευει στον κοσμο του Tolkien μεσω μεγαλων Μetal συγκροτηματων!! 

Tracklist:Disc One
01. Battlelore - Sons of Riddermark
02. Battleroar - Dragonhelm
03. Dragonland - Through Elven Woods And Dwarven Mines
04. Demons & Wizards - Seize The Day
05. Folkearth - Eldritch Sorcery and Faery Runes
06. Lothloryen - My Mind in Mordor
07. Elvenking - Oakenshield
08. Nightwish - Elvenpath
09. Arryan Path - Minas Tirith
10. Magica - The Silent Forest
11. Wuthering Heights - See Tomorrow Shine
12. Pagan Altar - The Rising Of The Dark Lord
13. Galadriel - Armies Of Valinor
14. Minhyriath - The Grey Mountains
15. Dark Fire - Gorgoroth's Fire
16. Diablo Swing Orchestra - Balrog Boogie

Disc Two
01. Freternia - Friends In Enemyland
02. Megadeth - This Day We Fight!
03. Doomsword - Helms Deep
04. Morgana Lefay - To Isengard
05. Dark Moor - Starsmaker (Elbereth)
06. Lyriel - Lind E-Huil
07. Wizard - Uruk-Hai
08. Attacker - Return To Mordor
09. Blind Guardian - Mirror Mirror
10. Bloodbound - Moria
11. 3 Inches Of Blood - Destroy the Orcs
12. Drakkar - Galadriel' Song
13. Van Canto - Frodo's Dream
14. Orange Goblin - Saruman's Wish
15. Klootzak - Mordor
16. Destinity - Hymn for Minas Morgul

Thanks to get metal org.