This blog has reached the end of Thanks all friends for all the years we have traveled in the world of music together. Goodbye!!!

Τρίτη 13 Αυγούστου 2019

Thank You All

This blog has reached the end of Thanks all friends for all the years we have traveled in the world of music together. Goodbye!!!

Smoulder - Times Of Obscene Evil And Wild Daring- 2019

Band: Smoulder 

Album: Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring 
Country: Canada 
Label: Cruz del Sur Music 


1. Ilian of Garathorm
2. The Sword Woman 
3. Bastard Steel 
4. Voyage of the Sunchaser 
5. Shadowy Sisterhood 
6. Black God's Kiss


Sarah Ann – Vocals 
Shon Vincent - Guitars 
Collin Wolff – Guitars 
Adam Blake – Bass 
Kevin Hester – Drums



Κυριακή 11 Αυγούστου 2019

Vanishing Kids - The Selfish Mirror (2005)

In the high pressure game of Promo Sump Bingo, sometimes you win big. Vanishing Kids, an act wholly unknown to me, lists themselves as “somnambulic doom,” and that sounded interesting enough to snatch from the murky waters and scurry away with to my Ape Cave of Solitude. The thing is, they’re not really doom at all. In fact, they’re one of those rare bands that openly defies easy classification. Every time you think you have them pigeonholed, they sprout 4 new musical tendrils with which to crush the ducks you’d lined up so nicely in a row. The core of the Wisconsin-based outfit’s sound is undeniably the heavy, psychedelic rock of the 70s, but that’s merely the jump off point for a weird exploration of metal, shoegaze, indie rock and a host of off-kilter ideas purloined from emo, alternative music and Krautrock. The music is very heavy in mood, even if it’s not actually heavy metal as we know it. It’s also intensely captivating, and maybe, just maybe, a work of real genius.



Πέμπτη 8 Αυγούστου 2019

Boston - Boston (1976)

Boston is an American rock band from Boston, Massachusetts, who had its most notable successes during the 1970s and 1980s. Centered on multi-instrumentalist founder and leader Tom Scholz, who played the majority of instruments on the debut album, the band is a staple of classic rock radio playlists.[1] Boston's best-known works include the songs "More Than a Feeling", "Peace of Mind", "Foreplay/Long Time", "Rock and Roll Band", "Smokin'", "Don't Look Back", "A Man I'll Never Be", and "Amanda". The band has sold more than 75 million records worldwide, including 31 million albums in the United States, of which 17 million were from its self-titled debut album and seven million were for its second album, Don't Look Back, making the group one of the world's best-selling artists.[2][3]Altogether, the band has released six studio albums over a career spanning over 40 years. Boston was ranked the 63rd best hard rock artist by VH1

Track listing

Side one

1. "More Than a Feeling" 4:46
2. "Peace of Mind" 5:02
3. "Foreplay/Long Time" 7:47

Side two
4. "Rock & Roll Band" 3:00
5. "Smokin'" (Brad Delp, Scholz) 4:20
6. "Hitch a Ride" 4:12
7. "Something About You" 3:48
8. "Let Me Take You Home Tonight" (Brad Delp) 4:44


Κυριακή 4 Αυγούστου 2019

Tom Waits - Nighthawks At The Diner (1975)

Nighthawks at the Diner
is the first live album by Tom Waits and his third overall. It was released on Asylum Records in October 1975. It was recorded live in the Los Angeles Record Plant studio, in front of a small invited audience.

The album peaked at 164 on the Billboard 200, the highest place Waits had held at the time, and is currently certified silver by the BPI.It has received critical acclaim for its successful mood-setting, capturing of the jazz-club atmosphere and characterisation. It is included in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.
Track listing

Side One
1. "(Opening Intro)" 2:58
2. "Emotional Weather Report" 3:47
3. "(Intro)" 2:16
4. "On a Foggy Night" 3:48
5. "(Intro)" 1:53
6. "Eggs and Sausage (In a Cadillac with Susan Michelson)" 4:19

Side Two
1. "(Intro)" 3:02
2. "Better Off Without a Wife" 3:59
3. "Nighthawk Postcards (From Easy Street)" 11:30

Side Three
1. "(Intro)" 0:55
2. "Warm Beer and Cold Women" 5:21
3. "(Intro)" 0:47
4. "Putnam County" 7:35
5. "Spare Parts I (A Nocturnal Emission)"


Πέμπτη 1 Αυγούστου 2019

Johnny Winter - Second Winter - 1969 (Reup)

John Dawson Winter III (February 23, 1944 – July 16, 2014), known as Johnny Winter, was an American musician, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. Best known for his high-energy blues-rock albums and live performances in the late 1960s and 1970s, Winter also produced three Grammy Award-winning albums for blues singer and guitarist Muddy Waters. After his time with Waters, Winter recorded several Grammy-nominated blues albums. In 1988, he was inducted into the Blues Foundation Hall of Fame and in 2003, he was ranked 63rd in Rolling Stone magazine's list of the "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time".

Second Winter is the third studio album by Texas blues guitarist Johnny Winter, released in 1969. The original plan was to edit the songs from the recording session into one album but it was later thought that all the recordings were good enough to be released. The album was released as a "three-sided" LP, with a blank fourth side on the original vinyl. Two more songs, "Tell the Truth" and "Early in the Morning" were left unfinished but released on a 2004 re-release of the album.

Track listing
Side one
1. "Memory Pain" Percy Mayfield 5:34
2. "I'm Not Sure" Johnny Winter 5:23
3. "The Good Love" Dennis Collins 4:43

Side two
1. "Slippin' and Slidin'" Eddie Bocage, Albert Collins, Little Richard, James Smith 2:47
2. "Miss Ann" Enotris Johnson, Little Richard 3:42
3. "Johnny B. Goode" Chuck Berry 2:49
4. "Highway 61 Revisited" Bob Dylan 5:07

Side three
1. "I Love Everybody" Johnny Winter 3:44
2. "Hustled Down in Texas" Johnny Winter 3:32
3. "I Hate Everybody" Johnny Winter 2:33
4. "Fast Life Rider" Johnny Winter 7:00

The Trip - Atlantide (Italy Progressive Rock 1972) (reup)

The Trip were a British-Italian progressive rock band of the early 1970s. While their career was less successful than those of Italian progressive rock prominent bands such as Premiata Forneria Marconi or Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, they were very popular for a few years, and were very appreciated by the critics, especially because of their talented leader, keyboard player Joe Vescovi, who is often referred to as the Italian counterpart of Keith Emerson.[1] The band is also notable as British guitarist Ritchie Blackmore was in The Trip's personnel before joining Deep Purple.


A1 Atlantide
A2 Evoluzione
A3 Leader
A4 Energia
B1 Ora X
B2 Analisi
B3 Distruzione
B4 Il Vuoto



Τετάρτη 31 Ιουλίου 2019

The Dictators - Go Girl Crazy (1975)

Go Girl Crazy! is the debut album by American punk rock band The Dictators. It was released on March 1975 and is considered one of the first examples of punk rock.

The album has been well-received critically and is considered a precursor to punk rock. In its retrospective review, AllMusic notes that while the album was confusing to audiences at the time of its release, it became inspirational for dozens of groups to follow. Trouser Press also enthuses that the band deserves "scads of credit" for "blazing a long trail, melding the essentials of junk culture...with loud/hard/fast rock'n'roll and thus creating an archetype". According to a 2001 article in the Village Voice, the album's "blueprint for bad taste, humor, and defiance" has been replicated in the work of such bands as the Ramones and Beastie BoysTrouser Presslauded the album a "wickedly funny, brilliantly played and hopelessly naïve masterpiece of self-indulgent smartass rock'n'roll".[8]Entertainment Weekly wrote "Go Girl Crazy's junk-generation culture and smart-aleck sensibility did provide an essential blueprint for '70s punk. With its TV references and homely vocals, this ground-breaking and long-unavailable album continues to inspire underground groups everywhere." Canadian journalist Martin Popoff enjoyed the album and considered the Dictators "more obviously comedians than musicians", "with a sense of self-deprecating humor poking sticks at the seriousness of heavy metal"

Track listing

Side one
1. "The Next Big Thing" 4:20
2. "I Got You Babe" (Sonny & Cher cover) Sonny Bono 4:08
3. "Back to Africa" 3:35
4. "Master Race Rock" 4:13

Side two
5. "Teengenerate" 3:24
6. "California Sun" (Joe Jones cover) Henry Glover, Morris Levy 3:04
7. "Two Tub Man" 4:08
8. "Weekend" 4:00
9. "(I Live For) Cars and Girls" 3:56


Παρασκευή 26 Ιουλίου 2019

Steel Mill - Green Eyed God Same (U.k. 1972)

Studio Album, released in 1972

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Blood Runs Deep (5:19)
2. Summers Child (4:24)
3. Majo and the Laying of the Witch (7:52)
4. Treadmil (4:00)
5. Green Eyed God (9:51)
6. Turn the Page Over (3:56)
7. Black Jewel of the Forest (6:13)
8. Har Fleur (0:45)

Total Time: 42:20