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The Runaways - Waitin' for the Night (1977) And Now...The Runaways (1978)

Waitin' for the Night is the third studio album by American all-female rock band the Runaways. It was originally released in October 1977, on the label Mercury. This is the first album to feature the band as a quartet, as rhythm guitarist Joan Jett took over lead vocals in the wake of the departure of Cherie Currie for a solo career and Vicki Blue replaced Jackie Fox on bass. Though it failed to chart in the US, it was successful in Europe. The album entered at No. 34 on the Swedish Albums Chart,[4] and the lead single 'School Days' peaked at No. 29 in Belgium.

Track listing

Side one
1. "Little Sister" Joan JettInger Asten 3:04
2. "Wasted" JettKim Fowley 3:24
3. "Gotta Get Out Tonight" Jett 3:31
4. "Wait for Me" Jett 4:53
5. "Fantasies" Lita Ford 5:36
Side two
6. "School Days" JettFowley 2:53
7. "Trash Can Murders" Ford 3:14
8. "Don't Go Away" Jett 3:18
9. "Waitin' for the Night" JettFowleyKari Krome 5:02
10. "You're Too Possessive" Jett 4:06
Total length: 39:01

This album was released in 1978 on the Mercury, Cherry Red, Quality and Overseas labels. It was released on cd in '93 on Polygram Records label.
An interesting thing about this cd, is that the album cover says that it was made in England, the cd says Fance. This is not a typo. I assume it means France. Unless, Fance is a city in England.
The running time for the album is 35:21.
Produced by: John Alcock

While most people will probably disagree, I consider this the Runaways' Best album musically. I know that half the songs are covers, but they are done fantastically. I always liked the Beatles song "Eight Days a Week", but I really fell in love with it when I heard this version.
Another thing that I love about this album, is that: Lita finally sings. Not only does she rock on the guitar on "I'm a Million", but she adds her great smokey voice to it. It doesn't get better than that.

Another weird thing about this album, is it was not released in the U.S. until it was renamed, to "Little Lost Girls" and the songs reordered. It found release in America in 1987.


1.Saturday Night Special
2.Eight Days a Week
3.Mama Weer All Crazee Now
4.I'm A Million: Lita (written by Lita)
5.Right Now: Sandy (written by Sandy)
7.My Buddy and Me
8.Little Lost Girls
9.Black Leather

cd 1

cd 2

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Soul Manifest - White Season (2011)

Soul Manifest is a 4 pieces psychedelic rock band created by Psychecraft singer/guitarist Main Row and former member Sylvain Callot in France in 2009 and then based in London, UK.
After the relocation, all the line up changed except Main Row.


1. Dead Man 05:25
2. White Season Pt1 05:50
3. Do we have the same view? 02:36
4. Devil's meeting 04:51
5. White season Pt 2 04:17
6. All but my dream can be erase by the rain 05:57
7. The Light 09:43



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Virgin Steele- Invictus (1998)

Virgin Steele is an American heavy metal band from New York City, originally formed in 1981.

The band released a few career highlights albums (Noble Savage, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell Part I, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell Part II and Invictus). In recent years, they have enriched their sound with elements of musical theatre, progressive and symphonic metal, developing and writing projects such as the Metal Opera "The House of Atreus" (based on Oresteia and the Greek myth related to the Atreides) in 1999/2000 and the soundtrack for an imaginary movie Visions of Eden (A Barbaric Romantic Movie of the Mind) aka "The Lilith Project" (based on the Sumerian legend of Lilith) in 2006.
Invictus is the eighth studio album from New York-based power metal band Virgin Steele. It is the third part of The Marriage of Heaven and Hell saga, exploring the relationships and conflicts between humanity and divinity. The album's name is Latin for Unconquered

Track listing

All tracks by David DeFeis except "Defiance" by DeFeis / Edward Pursino
"The Blood of Vengeance" - 1:54
"Invictus" - 5:35
"Mind, Body, Spirit" - 7:18
"In the Arms of the Death God" - 1:19
"Through Blood and Fire" - 5:30
"Sword of the Gods" - 7:33
"God of Our Sorrows" - 1:19
"Vow of Honour" - 1:02
"Defiance" - 6:30
"Dust from the Burning" - 4:32
"Amaranth" - 0:22
"A Whisper of Death" - 8:52
"Dominion Day" - 6:35
"A Shadow of Fear" - 6:11
"Theme from 'The Marriage of Heaven and Hell'" - 0:22
"Veni, Vidi, Vici" - 10:41


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Creedence Clearwater Revival - Mardi Gras (1972)

Creedence Clearwater Revival (often referred to as Creedence or CCR) was an American rock band active in the late 1960s and early 1970s which consisted of lead vocalist, lead guitarist, and primary songwriter John Fogerty; his brother rhythm guitarist Tom Fogerty; bassist Stu Cook; and drummer Doug Clifford. These members had played together since 1959, first as The Blue Velvets and later as The Golliwogs.[1] Their musical style encompassed roots rock,[2] swamp rock,[3] and blues rock.[4] They played in a Southern rock style, despite their San Francisco Bay Area origin, with lyrics about bayous, catfish, the Mississippi River, and other popular elements of Southern United States iconography, as well as political and socially conscious lyrics about topics including the Vietnam War.[5] The band performed at the 1969 Woodstock Festival in Upstate New York.

The group disbanded acrimoniously in late 1972 after four years of chart-topping success. Tom Fogerty had officially left the previous year, and John was at odds with the remaining members over matters of business and artistic control, all of which resulted in subsequent lawsuits among the former bandmates. Fogerty's ongoing disagreements with Fantasy Records owner Saul Zaentzcreated further protracted court battles, and John Fogerty refused to perform with the two other surviving members at CCR's 1993 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.[6][7]

Creedence Clearwater Revival's music is still a staple of US radio airplay;[8] the band has sold 28 million records in the United States alone.[9] Rolling Stone ranked them 82nd on its 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.[10]


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Circus 2000 - An escape from a box (Italy progressive,female vocals 1972)

Italian psychedelic / progressive rock group. They were born out of the Turin beat scene circa 1969 and featured unique female singer Silvana Aliotta. They issued two LPs (both with English vocals) and a few singles (some sung in Italian). Their mixture was unique in Italian rock, ranging from psychedelia through experimental space-rock. After they split Silvana went solo, Franco Lo Previte joined Duello Madre, and "Spooky" Quartarone later joined up with Johnny Betti in Living Life.

Lato A
Hey Man – 6:15
You Aren't Listening – 4:58
Our Father – 6:12
Need – 8:36
When the Sun Refuses to Shine – 7:42



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Ο Παναγιώτης Τούντας συλλογη (collection)

Ο Παναγιώτης Τούντας (1886 - 23 Μαΐου 1942) ήταν Έλληνας συνθέτης. Είναι ο διασημότερος συνθέτης της Σμυρναϊκής Σχολής και ανήκει στην ομάδα των Μικρασιατών μουσικών που μετά την καταστροφή του 1922, διαμόρφωσαν το ρεμπέτικο τραγούδι στην Ελλάδα. Ο Παναγιώτης Τούντας γεννήθηκε στη Σμύρνη το 1886 απο ευκατάστατους γονείς, που του έδωσαν την δυνατότητα να ασχοληθεί απο μικρός με τη μουσική.


Άρχισε από παιδί να παίζει μαντολίνο και στις αρχές του 20ού αιώνα συμμετείχε στην Σμυρνέικη Εστουδιαντίνα του Σιδέρη, που έμεινε γνωστή με το όνομα "τα Πολιτάκια". Συμμετείχε σε διάφορα μουσικά σχήματα που έκαναν περιοδείες εκτός Σμύρνης, για την ψυχαγωγία των Ελλήνων της διασποράς και ταξίδεψε στην Αίγυπτο, την Αβυσσηνία, την Ελλάδα και σε πολλές ευρωπαϊκές χώρες με ελληνική παροικία. Τα πρώτα χρόνια μετά τη μικρασιατική καταστροφή, έπαιζε σε διάφορα κέντρα σαν μαντολινίστας. Το 1924 αναλαμβάνει τη διεύθυνση του ελληνικού παραρτήματος της γερμανικής "ODEON" στην Αθήνα. Μέχρι να κατασκευαστεί το εργοστάσιο δίσκων στην Ελλάδα, συνεργάζεται σχεδόν με όλες τις δισκογραφικές εταιρείες και διηύθυνε τις περισσότερες ηχογραφήσεις που γίνονταν στην Ελλάδα. Τον ίδιο χρόνο ηχογραφεί τη "Σμυρνιά" με την αθηναϊκή εστουδιαντίνα του Τάσου Μαρίνου και γίνεται ο πρώτος Έλληνας λαϊκός συνθέτης που το όνομά του αναγράφεται σε ετικέτα δίσκου.

Το 1931 αναλαμβάνει καλλιτεχνικός διευθυντής της ελληνικής "ODEON" και της "HIS MASTER’S VOICE" και παραμένει στη θέση αυτή μέχρι το 1940. Τα τραγούδια που πέρασε στη δισκογραφία είναι γύρω στα 350 και έχουν ερμηνευτεί από όλους τους προπολεμικούς τραγουδιστές της εποχής, όπως ο Κώστας Ρούκουνας, Στελλάκης Περπινιάδης, Μαρίκα η Πολίτισσα (Μαρίκα Φραντζεσκοπούλου), Κώστας Καρύπης (όταν έκανε καριέρα ερμηνευτή, και πριν πλασαριστεί ως δημιουργός), Κώστας Νούρος, Ρόζα Εσκενάζυ, Ρίτα Αμπατζή, Αντώνης Νταλγκάς, Ευάγγελος Σωφρονίου, Ζαχαρίας Κασιμάτης, Γιώργος Βιδάλης, Στράτος Παγιουμτζής, Δημήτρης Περδικόπουλος, Ισμήνη Διατσέντε, Νταίζη Σταυροπούλου, Νότα Καλλέλη, Κάκια Μένδρη Ιωάννα Γεωργακοπούλου. Στα μέσα της δεκαετίας του 1970 η Χαρούλα Αλεξίου, και ο Θέμης Ανδρεάδης επαναφέρουν τα τραγούδια του στο προσκήνιο και μέχρι τις σήμερα ο Γιώργος Νταλάρας, η Ελευθερία Αρβανιτάκη, η Ελένη Τσαλιγοπούλου, ο Αγάθωνας Ιακωβίδης, ο Μπάμπης Τσέρτος, ο Μπάμπης Γκολές και πολλοί άλλοι εξακολουθούν να τα ερμηνεύουν.

Πέθανε στις 23 Μαΐου του 1942, στην Κατοχή από ρευματισμούς.

18.O kahmos_ths_kura_Kostainas



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Liquid Sound Company - Acid Music for Acid People (2011)

Liquid Sound Company are an American acid-psychedelic rock band, formed in the late 1990s.

Formed by John Perez in 1996, the group originates from Arlington, Texas. Perez has mainly been busy playing heavy doom with bands Solitude Aeturnus and Sorrows Path, adding to the band's lack of stability over the years as a steady, active band. Rockadelic Records released the debut album 'Exploring The Psychedelic' in 1996 where Perez is supported by Teri Pritchard (bass) and drummer Jason Spradlin. The band offers quite diversified songs with a pretty minimalistic sound but also features heavy fuzz guitars, oriental influences and hypnotic elements. They would release another effort in 2002 named 'Inside The Acid Temple' - this time with Moog support by new bass player David Fargason. The album was later re-released in 2005 by German Nasoni label on vinyl.

The group features psychedelic influences from west coast psychedelic to the heavier Hawkwind territory. Noting Dead Flowers and Agitation Free as influencing artists.

Liquid Sound Company seemed to have disbanded, but came back in 2011 with a new album 'Acid Music For Acid People' on Nasoni, made of studio outtakes and two extended live cuts. Liquid Sound Company was signed with Brainticket Records as of 2010

01 Liquid Sound Freedom
02 Agitation Free
03 Wow, Man
04 Morning Sun
05 Preparation for the Psychedelic Eucharist Inside the Acid Temple
06 Unfolding




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Motörhead - Bomber (1979)

Motörhead (/ˈmoʊtərhɛd/) were an English rock band formed in June 1975 by bassist, singer, and songwriter Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister, who was the sole constant member, guitarist Larry Wallis and drummer Lucas Fox. The band are often considered a precursor to the new wave of British heavy metal, which re-energised heavy metal in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Though several guitarists and drummers have played in Motörhead, most of their best-selling albums and singles feature the work of Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor on drums and "Fast" Eddie Clarke on guitars.

Motörhead released 22 studio albums, 10 live recordings, 12 compilation albums, and five EPs over a career spanning 40 years. Usually a power trio, they had particular success in the early 1980s with several successful singles in the UK Top 40 chart. The albums Overkill, Bomber, Ace of Spades, and particularly the live album No Sleep 'til Hammersmith cemented Motörhead's reputation as a top-tier rock band. The band are ranked number 26 on VH1's 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock. As of 2016, they have sold more than 15 million albums worldwide.

Motörhead are typically classified as heavy metal, and their fusion of punk rock into the genre helped to pioneer speed metal and thrash metal. Their lyrics typically covered such topics as war, good versus evil, abuse of power, promiscuous sex, substance abuse, and, most famously, gambling, the latter theme being the focus of their hit song "Ace of Spades".

Motörhead has been credited with being part of and influencing numerous musical scenes, thrash metal and speed metal especially. From the mid-1970s onward, however, Lemmy insisted that they were a rock and roll band. He has said that they had more in common with punk bands, but with their own unique sound, Motörhead is embraced in both punk and metal scenes.

Lemmy died on 28 December 2015 from cardiac arrhythmia and congestive heart failure, after being diagnosed with prostate cancer.Drummer Mikkey Dee and guitarist Phil Campbell both confirmed that Motörhead would not continue as a band. By 2018, all three members of Motörhead's classic line-up had died.

Side A
1. "Dead Men Tell No Tales" 3:07
2. "Lawman" 3:56
3. "Sweet Revenge" 4:10
4. "Sharpshooter" 3:19
5. "Poison" 2:54

Side B
6. "Stone Dead Forever" 4:54
7. "All the Aces" 3:24
8. "Step Down" 3:41
9. "Talking Head" 3:40
10. "Bomber" 3:43
Total length: 36:48

Disc 2 – Sanctuary Records 2005 2CD deluxe edition 
No.TitleWriter(s)Original releaseLength
1."Over the Top" 1979 ~ Bomber (Single)3:20
2."Stone Dead Forever" (Alternative Version) 1997 ~ Stone Dead Forever4:34
3."Sharpshooter" (Alternative Version) 1997 ~ Stone Dead Forever3:16
4."Bomber" (Alternative Version) 1997 ~ Stone Dead Forever3:35
5."Step Down" (Alternative Version) 1997 ~ Stone Dead Forever3:29
6."Leaving Here" (Live in 1980)Dozier, Holland, Holland1980 ~ The Golden Years3:02
7."Stone Dead Forever" (Live in 1980) 1980 ~ The Golden Years5:31
8."Dead Men Tell No Tales" (Live in 1980) 1980 ~ The Golden Years2:44
9."Too Late, Too Late" (Live in 1980) 1980 ~ The Golden Years3:20
10."Step Down" (Live in 1982)
1992 ~ Jailbait (Live Bootleg) 3:49


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Molly Hatchet - Flirtin' with Disaster (1979)

Molly Hatchet is an American Southern hard rock band that formed in Jacksonville, Florida, in 1971. The band was founded by guitarist Dave Hlubek in 1971. The band is best known for their 1979 hit song "Flirtin' with Disaster".


Molly Hatchet was founded by guitarist Dave Hlubek in 1971. The band originated and was based in Jacksonville, Florida and shared influences and inspiration with what is perhaps the most well-known act in the Southern rock genre, Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Bassist Banner Thomas and guitarist Steve Holland joined the band in 1974. Bruce Crump would become the drummer in early 1975, and guitarist Duane Roland and singer Danny Joe Brown joined in 1976.

Hlubek, along with Banner Thomas, also wrote/co-wrote and co-produced many of the band's songs. Hlubek has stated that the demise of Lynyrd Skynyrd opened the door for Molly Hatchet.[1] Members of .38 Special referred the band to manager Pat Armstrong,[1] who, with partner Alan Walden, had briefly been co-manager of Lynyrd Skynyrd in 1970.

Skynyrd's Ronnie Van Zant was slated to produce Molly Hatchet's first album, having helped in writing arrangements and directing rehearsals prior to his death.[citation needed] Molly Hatchet cut their first demos in Lynyrd Skynyrd's 8-track recording studio using their equipment.[1] Other demos were cut in Jacksonville's Warehouse Studios. Warner Bros. Records expressed interest in the resulting recordings from these sessions.[citation needed]However, the band ended up being turned down by Warner, who instead picked Van Halen over Molly Hatchet. After this setback, Hatchet toured the Florida roadhouse and bar circuit. About six months later, Epic Records signed the band to a recording contract in 1977 and brought Tom Werman in as producer.

Werman, known for working with straight hard rock acts such as Cheap Trick and Ted Nugent,[2] combined boogie, blues and hard rock making Molly Hatchet's sound different from more country-influenced acts, such as The Outlaws.

The band released their first album, Molly Hatchet in September 1978. Its song "Dreams I'll Never See" (a cover of the Allman Brothers 1969 track "Dreams") got AOR airplay.

Molly Hatchet was followed by Flirtin' with Disaster in September 1979, with its title song another AOR hit, as was its first track, "Whiskey Man", from the album.

Molly Hatchet proceeded to tour behind the records building a larger fan base. Lead singer Danny Joe Brown left the band in May 1980 because of diabetes and other reasons, only to return two years later


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Arcadium - Breathe Awhile (1969)

This obscure psychedelic band issued one rare album, Breathe Awhile, in 1969 that's very much in the downer-heavy school of the genre. The group's dominant figure was its songwriter and lead singer, 12-string guitarist Miguel Sergides. The ominous, loud, cathedral-like organ; distorted guitar; and anguished vocals took influences from the likes of the Doors, Iron Butterfly, and Vanilla Fudge, while some San Francisco psychedelia could be heard in the bittersweet harmonies. The band wasn't as distinctive as its points of comparison, though, and the mood of sad torture wasn't varied much, melodically or lyrically, over the course of the record. It was reissued on CD by Akarma in 2003.


01 - I'm on my way
02 - Poor lady
03 - Walk on the bad side
04 - Woman of a thousand years
05 - Change me
06 - It takes a woman
07 - Birth, life and death
08 - Sing my song
09 - Riding alone





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Ravi Shankar – Sounds of India

Ravi Shankar (IPA: [ˈrɔbi ˈʃɔŋkɔr]; 7 April 1920 – 11 December 2012), born Rabindra Shankar Chowdhury, his name often preceded by the title Pandit (Master) and "Sitar maestro", was an Indian musician and a composer of Hindustani classical music. He was the best-known proponent of the sitar in the second half of the 20th century and influenced many other musicians throughout the world. Shankar was awarded India's highest civilian honour, the Bharat Ratna in 1999.

Shankar was born to a Bengali Brahmin family in India,and spent his youth touring India and Europe with the dance group of his brother Uday Shankar. He gave up dancing in 1938 to study sitar playing under court musician Allauddin Khan. After finishing his studies in 1944, Shankar worked as a composer, creating the music for the Apu Trilogy by Satyajit Ray, and was music director of All India Radio, New Delhi, from 1949 to 1956.

In 1956, Shankar began to tour Europe and the Americas playing Indian classical music and increased its popularity there in the 1960s through teaching, performance, and his association with violinist Yehudi Menuhin and Beatles guitarist George Harrison. His influence on the latter helped popularize the use of Indian instruments in pop music in the latter half of the 1960s. Shankar engaged Western music by writing compositions for sitar and orchestra, and toured the world in the 1970s and 1980s. From 1986 to 1992, he served as a nominated member of Rajya Sabha, the upper chamber of the Parliament of India. He continued to perform until the end of his life.


01. Ravi Shankar - An Introduction To Indian Music
02. Ravi Shankar - Dádrá
03. Ravi Shankar - Máru-Bihág
04. Ravi Shankar - Bhimpalasi
05. Ravi Shankar - Sindhi-Bhairavi


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Purple Overdose - Indigo (1990) Purple Overdose (1994)

Purple Overdose are considered among their fans as the one and only local group that revives and improves the fine psychedelic music of the great 60s artists.The group was formed in Athens, Greece in 1988.Their leader, Costas Constantinou, is one of the most talented musicians in Greece. He is the man who formed the group, the lead guitarist, the vocalist, the light spirit who writes their music and his inspiration creates lyrics of exceptional beauty and sensitivity, forming poems beyond any imagination, exactly in the fine tradition of the futuristic psychedelic era.Purple Overdose, during their 12 years of existence, have already released 5 albums, prooving their big talent and knowledge in psychedelic music.

The Purple Overdose are:

Costas Constantinou: Lead Guitar,Vocals
Vasilis Kapanikis: Keyboards
Chris Triantafilopoulos: Drums, Percusion
Andreas Andriopoulos: Bass
Stavros Eleftheriou: Congas,Additional Percussions

Indigo cd1


1.Moonlight Sunshine 5:06
2.Cosmic Ladder 4:13
3.Suite For A Sunshine Day 5:39
4.Rain Without Storm 5:14
5.White Colours 5:27
6.Golden Eyes 7:42
7.(Shady Reflections At The) Magic Forest 5:53

Purple Overdose  cd2

A1 Fell From The Stars 6:04
A2 The Unreal Life Of Emery Wax 4:40
A3 Blank Empty Space 5:56
A4 My Little Elf 4:56
B1 Lord It's Me 5:23
B2 Coming Near To My Brain 3:58
B3 Rainbows 4:19
B4 Chase The Color 7:52

Δευτέρα 4 Μαρτίου 2019

The Grateful Dead - Anthem of the Sun (1968)

The Grateful Dead was an American rock band formed in 1965 in Palo Alto, California.[Ranging from quintet to septet, the band is known for its eclectic style, which fused elements of rock, folk, country, bluegrass, blues, gospel, modal jazz, reggae, experimental music, psychedelia, and space rock,for live performances of lengthy instrumental jams, and for their devoted fan base, known as "Deadheads". "Their music", writes Lenny Kaye, "touches on ground that most other groups don't even know exists". These various influences were distilled into a diverse and psychedelic whole that made the Grateful Dead "the pioneering Godfathers of the jam band world". The band was ranked 57th by Rolling Stone magazine in its The Greatest Artists of All Time issue.The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994[10] and a recording of their May 8, 1977, performance at Cornell University's Barton Hall was added to the National Recording Registry of the Library of Congressin 2012.[11] The Grateful Dead have sold more than 35 million albums worldwide.

Anthem of the Sun is the second album by rock band the Grateful Dead. Released in 1968, it is the first album to feature second drummer Mickey Hart, who joined the band in September 1967. Currently ranked number 288 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

The mix of the album combines multiple studio and live recordings of each song. The result is an experimental amalgam that is neither a studio album nor a live album, but both at the same time (though it is usually classified as a studio album).

Drummer Bill Kreutzmann's description of the production process describes the listening experience of the album as well: "...Jerry [Garcia] and Phil [Lesh] went into the studio with [Dan] Healy and, like mad scientists, they started splicing all the versions together, creating hybrids that contained the studio tracks and various live parts, stitched together from different shows, all in the same song — one rendition would dissolve into another and sometimes they were even stacked on top of each other... It was easily our most experimental record, it was groundbreaking in its time, and it remains a psychedelic listening experience to this day.
Track listing

Side one
1. "That's It for the Other One" (Jerry Garcia, Bill Kreutzmann, Phil Lesh, Ron McKernan, Bob Weir, Tom Constanten)
I. Cryptical Envelopment (Garcia)
II. Quadlibet for Tenderfeet (Garcia, Kreutzmann, Lesh, McKernan, Weir)
III. The Faster We Go, the Rounder We Get (Kreutzmann, Weir)
IV. We Leave the Castle (Constanten) 7:40
2. "New Potato Caboose" (Lesh, Robert Petersen) 8:26
3. "Born Cross-Eyed" (Weir) 2:04

Side two
4. "Alligator" (Lesh, McKernan, Robert Hunter) 11:20
5. "Caution (Do Not Stop on Tracks)" (Garcia, Kreutzmann, Lesh, McKernan, Weir) 9:37


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T.N.T. - Knights of the New Thunder (1984)

Knights of the New Thunder
is the second studio album by the Norwegian heavy metal band TNT. It was the first TNT album recorded with their new vocalist Tony Harnell, who had replaced their original singer Dag Ingebrigtsen.

Most of the songs on the album had been written and recorded as demos while Ingebrigtsen was still in the band, but most of the lyrics were rewritten by Harnell. Two songs from TNT's self-titled first album, "USA" and "Eddie", were re-recorded and included on the album, though "Eddie" was an exclusive bonus track on the CD edition in Europe,[2] and replaced "Tor with the Hammer" on U.S. editions. "Eddie" also came on the single American Tracks bundled with the LP in Europe.[3]

This was their last album playing traditional heavy metal, as their later releases have a more glam metal style.

The album's original cover art featured an illustration of half-naked women and caused controversy in Norway. A new cover was made and used for the national and international editions, except for Japan where the album was released with its original cover

Track listing

1. "Seven Seas" TNT 4:15
2. "Ready to Leave" Ronni Le Tekrø 2:57
3. "Klassisk Romance" (instrumental) Ronni Le Tekrø 0:58
4. "Last Summer's Evil" Ronni Le Tekrø, Tony Harnell, TNT 2:36
5. "Without Your Love" Tony Harnell, Dag Ingebrigtsen, Ronni Le Tekrø 3:50
6. "Tor with the Hammer" Dag Ingebrigtsen, Tony Harnell 2:20
7. "Break the Ice" Diesel Dahl, Tony Harnell, Dag Ingebrigtsen 2:22
8. "U.S.A." Gustav Alfheim, Tony Harnell, Dag Ingebrigtsen, Ronni Le Tekrø 3:40
9. "Deadly Metal" Gustav Alfheim, Ronni Le Tekrø, Tony Harnell 2:30
10. "Knights of the Thunder" Morten "Diesel" Dahl, Tony Harnell, TNT 4:10


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Type O Negative - Bloody Kisses (1993)


Type O Negative was an American gothic metal band formed in Brooklyn, New York in 1989,by Peter Steele (lead vocals, bass), Kenny Hickey (guitar, backing vocals), Josh Silver (keyboards, backing vocals), and Sal Abruscato (drums, percussions), who was later replaced by Johnny Kelly. Their lyrical emphasis on themes of romance, depression, and death resulted in the nickname "the Drab Four"(in homage to the Beatles' "Fab Four" moniker).[7] The band went Platinum with 1993's Bloody Kisses, and Gold with 1996's October Rust, and gained a fanbase through seven studio albums,two best-of compilations, and concert DVDs.

On April 14, 2010, lead vocalist, bassist, and principal songwriter Peter Steele died, reportedly from heart failurebrought on by an aortic aneurysm. Members Kenny Hickey and Johnny Kelly stated in a November 2010 interview with French music magazine Rock Hard that the band would not continue due to his death

Bloody Kisses is the third studio album by the American band Type O Negative and the last recording with the band's original line-up, as the drummer, Sal Abruscato, left in late 1993. The album includes one of their best known songs, "Black No. 1", which earned the band a considerable cult following. The album further established recurring motifs of the band's music, such as including cover songs recorded in the gothic metal style, sample-heavy soundscapes in between songs, and lyrics replete with dry, satirical humour.

Bloody Kisses is notable for being the first album released on Roadrunner Records to achieve gold and platinum certification


Original releaseNo.TitleLength
1."Machine Screw"0:39
2."Christian Woman"8:57
3."Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All)"11:14
4."Fay Wray Come Out and Play"1:02
5."Kill All the White People"3:23
6."Summer Breeze" (Seals & Crofts cover)4:49
7."Set Me on Fire"3:29
8."Dark Side of the Womb"0:27
9."We Hate Everyone"6:50
10."Bloody Kisses (A Death in the Family)"10:55
12."Too Late: Frozen"7:50
13."Blood & Fire"5:32
14."Can't Lose You"6:05