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Τετάρτη, 2 Νοεμβρίου 2016

The Lord of the Rings - The Complete Songs & Poems- The Return of the King - CD 4

CD 4 The Return Of The King

1Malbeth The Seer's Words 5:53
2Lament Of Théoden 9:35
3Théoden's Battle Cry 0:35
4At Théoden's Death 0:25
5Snowmane's Epitaph 0:21
6Éomer's Song 2:37
7Song Of The Mounds Of Mundburg 5:56
8Athelas 0:34
9Song Of Lebennin 4:56
10Sam's Song In The Orc-Tower 5:23
11Long Live The Halflings! 1:02
12Legolas's Song Of The Sea 5:22
13The Eagle's Song 3:24
14Burial Song Of Théoden 6:51
15The Old Walking Song (III) 3:33
16A Walking Song (II) 1:37
17Elven Hymn To Elbereth Gilthoniel (III)6:07



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