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Cauldron Born - Born Of The Cauldron 1997

Named after the Cauldron Born from Lloyd Alexander's The Prydain Chronicles novels.
The Cauldron-Born were deathless warriors made from dead bodies stolen from barrow mounds by Arawn Death-Lord, and revived in the Black Crochan. They served Arawn unquestioningly, though during the events of The Book of Three, a few Cauldron-Born were also under the command of Achren, possibly because she was serving Arawn at the time.

The deathless warriors were based in the Hall of Warriors in Annuvin, where the Crochan was also kept until its disappearance during the events of  The Black Cauldron

01 - Crusader
02 - The Sword's Lament
03 - Synchronicity At Midnight - A Baying Of Hounds
04 - Imprisoned With The Pharaohs
05 - The Final Incantation - In The Dreaming City
06 - In Fate's Eye A King
07 - Born Of The Cauldron
08 - Unholy Sanctuary



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