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Lothlorien - greenwood side 2001 (re up)

Lothlorien was formed in early 1996 and since its formation has played regularly at various Auckland folk clubs, with guest appearances at Devonport, Titirangi, Tir na N'og, East Coast and Troubadour folk clubs, and has also been in regular demand for weddings and functions.
During 1997 Lothlorien and invited guests held a number of concerts at Auckland's Pumphouse Theatre, under the title of 'Celtic Voices'.  These drew enthusiastic full house audiences each time.

In January 1998 Lothlorien appeared  at the Auckland Folk Festival 'officially' for the first time, playing the final bracket of the Welcome Concert.  Lothlorien held another concert at the Pumphouse in June 1998 (also a sellout) and at Lopdell House in September, and then at the Pumphouse again in November.  Lothlorien also appeared as guests at the Wellington Folk Festival in October 1998.

In 1999, Lothlorien performed at the Auckland Folk Festival 'Invitation Concert', at Tir na N'og again in August 1999, and returned to the Katikati Folk Club in November (a fantastic night).

In January 2000, at the Auckland Folk Festival, Lothlorien appeared again, this time as festival guests!  At the same time we also released our first album, called 'Greenwood Side'.  (See our 'Recordings' page for details of the album).  The combination of these two big events definitely made a 'career highlight' for the band!

Lothlorien were guest artists yet again at Tir na N'Og on Saturday March 25, and performed yet another concert at the Pumphouse - 'Celtic Voices 2000' - with additional special guests  on Saturday 1 April 2000.
And last but not least,  Lothlorien returned to the Titirangi Folk Music Club for the May guest spot, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all concerned!

Lothlorien in Cyberspace! Lothlorien joined in late March 2000, and towards the end of July most of their album tracks ascended the Celtic charts, remaining in the top 40 throughout August and into September, including three songs reaching the NUMBER ONE spot! (Ghostwood, Siuil a Ruin and The Black Cat).
Lothlorien's album 'Greenwood Side' won the Folk album of the year in the 'Tui' New Zealand Music Awards for 2001. (The 'Tuis's are New Zealand's equivalent of the 'Grammys').

Since then Chris and Nicole have had two children and produced and engineered a number of albums for other artists in the Ghostwood Studio. These artists include Ross Hill, Roger White and Celtic band 'Tamlin' (featuring Greg and Linda who played on 'Greenwood Side'). Tamzin Wood has just released 'Lucky', her first solo album, which was also recorded in Ghostwood Studio.

This album is in a Celtic folk style and would appeal to fans of Clannad, Enya and Loreena McKennitt.

The 'Greenwood Side' album was recorded by us in our own studio during 1999 and released in January 2000.

It has 3 originals and 8 traditional tracks, 4 instrumentals and 7 songs (Nicole singing lead on 3 and Tamzin singing lead on 3).

Instruments featured are high and low tin whistles, fiddle, bouzouki, mandolin, mandola, guitars and brief appearances by Celtic harp and hurdy-gurdy.

Greenwood Side - Track Information

1 An Cat Dubh (N. Leonard)
Theme from 'The Black Cat'.

2 Dans En Dro (trad. arr. Lothlorien)

A Breton dance tune we were inspired to learn from a recording by Irish flute player Laurence Nugent.

3 She Moved Through the Fair (trad. arr. Lothlorien)

A well-known classic love song/ghost song. The theme was used by rock group Simple Minds in their song 'Belfast Child' which is hinted at here.

4 Foggy Banks (trad. arr. Lothlorien)

A young boy dreams of adventure at sea, then discovers that life on a fishing trawler is considerably tougher than he expected.

'Heave away upon the capstan, give a hand to heave the trawl'.

5 Willie and Mary (trad. arr. Lothlorien)

One of many folk songs in which a sailor returning from sea after many years absence disguises himself to test the loyalty of his bride-to-be. It is sometimes known by the title 'Little Mary the Sailor's Bride'.

6 Ghostwood (N. Leonard/C. Lloyd)

This original jig was written by Chris and Nicole, inspired by the books of fantasy author Charles de Lint which feature the Celtic 'Otherworld'.

7 Siuil a Ruin (trad. arr. Lothlorien)
In this song, a girl laments the leaving of her love who has gone to join the army, as she believes she will never see him again. The lyrics of the chorus are in Irish Gaelic.

'Go, go, go my love ... and may you go safely my darling'

8 The Cruel Mother (trad. arr. Lothlorien)

A tragic tale of children born out of wedlock and the extreme measures taken by the mother to avoid bringing disgrace upon herself and her family. This song has many variants, some of which are also known as 'Greenwood Side'.

9 Schottische Fran Havero (trad. arr. Lothlorien)

This Schottische appears in the Encyclopaedia Blowzabellica, a collection which includes many weird and wonderful tunes.

10 The Sweetest Joy (T. Wood)

An original song written by Tamzin, which describes the consequences of taking the advice of others rather than following one's own heart.

11 A-Souling (trad. arr. Lothlorien)
This song has become well-known in local folk circles through the singing of Terry Free, however Tamzin also heard it many years ago when her parents sang it together. It describes an old tradition similar to the 'trick-or-treat' we know today.

'A-soul, a-soul, a-soul cake, please good missus a soul cake

Apple, a pear, a plum and a cherry, any good thing to make a soul merry

One for Peter, two for Paul, three for Him who made us all'

12 The Black Cat (N. Leonard)

This original tune was initially composed as a jig, and was later reinvented as a slow air. It was inspired (obviously) by a special black cat.



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