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Σάββατο 29 Οκτωβρίου 2016

Ithaca - A game for all who know (U.k 1973)

Ithaca is a multi-instrumental band with organ, auto harp,mandolin, piano, organ, recorder and percussion. The music is a combination of pastoral folk rock, psychedelia and progressive rock with gentle male/female vocals with Lee Menelaus.

First off, don't be deceived by the shitty album cover, because this is a really good album. Ithaca was a British band that played melodic, progressive psych-folk. This is their last album, which was a private-pressed LP that never gained much attention. Most of the album is fairly sparse, sophisticated arrangements of acoustic guitar and electric organ accompanied by male and female vocals that trade off very naturally and pleasantly. There is some use of piano, electric guitar, strings, Mellotron, and recorder, which are all subtle and well integrated.

The album opens with the sound of pages turning, and more or less follows a journey through a cycle of questions, times, feelings, and dreams; a slightly different emphasis from the earlier works mentioned as the band sounds more like a folk version of Pink Floyd. Beautiful interwoven songs with nice tape experiments of added sounds made all the better by the fragile female vocals on offer from Lee Menelaus. A beautiful album with lovely female vocals sounding glorious in a dreamy setting.
In the early '70s, there were some privately pressed albums that held true to the spirit of the psychedelic age, even though mainstream rock moved on to more progressive sounds. Ithaca's 1973 album,` A Game for All Who Know`, is one such rarity, combining folk-rock, psychedelia, and progressive rock in a much more unassuming, breezy fashion than most. The songs are very melodic and tastefully produced (verging on the under-produced, in fact). They have a good mix of male and female vocals, with female singer Lee Menelaus projecting a sweet, serene tone. With just six tracks, it sounds influenced by both West Coast and British psychedelia (the occasional Mellotron being the most British ingredient).


01 - Journey (Destruction - Rebirth - Patterns Of Life)
02 - Quesions (Did You Know - Will We Be Alive)
03 - Times (Seven Seasons - The Path - Given Time)
04 - Feelings (Look Around - I Want To Feel You)
05 - Dreams (Story Of Our Time - Beneath This Sky)
06 - Journey Ii (A Game For All Who Know)



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