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The Runaways - Waitin' for the Night (1977) And Now...The Runaways (1978)

Waitin' for the Night is the third studio album by American all-female rock band the Runaways. It was originally released in October 1977, on the label Mercury. This is the first album to feature the band as a quartet, as rhythm guitarist Joan Jett took over lead vocals in the wake of the departure of Cherie Currie for a solo career and Vicki Blue replaced Jackie Fox on bass. Though it failed to chart in the US, it was successful in Europe. The album entered at No. 34 on the Swedish Albums Chart,[4] and the lead single 'School Days' peaked at No. 29 in Belgium.

Track listing

Side one
1. "Little Sister" Joan JettInger Asten 3:04
2. "Wasted" JettKim Fowley 3:24
3. "Gotta Get Out Tonight" Jett 3:31
4. "Wait for Me" Jett 4:53
5. "Fantasies" Lita Ford 5:36
Side two
6. "School Days" JettFowley 2:53
7. "Trash Can Murders" Ford 3:14
8. "Don't Go Away" Jett 3:18
9. "Waitin' for the Night" JettFowleyKari Krome 5:02
10. "You're Too Possessive" Jett 4:06
Total length: 39:01

This album was released in 1978 on the Mercury, Cherry Red, Quality and Overseas labels. It was released on cd in '93 on Polygram Records label.
An interesting thing about this cd, is that the album cover says that it was made in England, the cd says Fance. This is not a typo. I assume it means France. Unless, Fance is a city in England.
The running time for the album is 35:21.
Produced by: John Alcock

While most people will probably disagree, I consider this the Runaways' Best album musically. I know that half the songs are covers, but they are done fantastically. I always liked the Beatles song "Eight Days a Week", but I really fell in love with it when I heard this version.
Another thing that I love about this album, is that: Lita finally sings. Not only does she rock on the guitar on "I'm a Million", but she adds her great smokey voice to it. It doesn't get better than that.

Another weird thing about this album, is it was not released in the U.S. until it was renamed, to "Little Lost Girls" and the songs reordered. It found release in America in 1987.


1.Saturday Night Special
2.Eight Days a Week
3.Mama Weer All Crazee Now
4.I'm A Million: Lita (written by Lita)
5.Right Now: Sandy (written by Sandy)
7.My Buddy and Me
8.Little Lost Girls
9.Black Leather

cd 1

cd 2

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