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Purple Overdose - Indigo (1990) Purple Overdose (1994)

Purple Overdose are considered among their fans as the one and only local group that revives and improves the fine psychedelic music of the great 60s artists.The group was formed in Athens, Greece in 1988.Their leader, Costas Constantinou, is one of the most talented musicians in Greece. He is the man who formed the group, the lead guitarist, the vocalist, the light spirit who writes their music and his inspiration creates lyrics of exceptional beauty and sensitivity, forming poems beyond any imagination, exactly in the fine tradition of the futuristic psychedelic era.Purple Overdose, during their 12 years of existence, have already released 5 albums, prooving their big talent and knowledge in psychedelic music.

The Purple Overdose are:

Costas Constantinou: Lead Guitar,Vocals
Vasilis Kapanikis: Keyboards
Chris Triantafilopoulos: Drums, Percusion
Andreas Andriopoulos: Bass
Stavros Eleftheriou: Congas,Additional Percussions

Indigo cd1


1.Moonlight Sunshine 5:06
2.Cosmic Ladder 4:13
3.Suite For A Sunshine Day 5:39
4.Rain Without Storm 5:14
5.White Colours 5:27
6.Golden Eyes 7:42
7.(Shady Reflections At The) Magic Forest 5:53

Purple Overdose  cd2

A1 Fell From The Stars 6:04
A2 The Unreal Life Of Emery Wax 4:40
A3 Blank Empty Space 5:56
A4 My Little Elf 4:56
B1 Lord It's Me 5:23
B2 Coming Near To My Brain 3:58
B3 Rainbows 4:19
B4 Chase The Color 7:52

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