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Δευτέρα 3 Ιουνίου 2019

Zoon - Deep (2015)


ZooN was born in 2014 in Oss, The Netherlands.


Ron van Herpen - Astrosoniq, (ex) The Devil's Blood, Škan
Tim Ruterink - (ex) The Liszt
Tom Delforterie - (ex) The Liszt
Niels Duffhues - Fable Dust, (ex) The Gathering, (ex) Blimey
Freddy van Bergen - Astrosoniq, SD


Side A1 - Darkness Falls
Side A2 - DeeP
Side A3 - Down
Side A4 - Wood

Side B1 - Hide
Side B2 - Breathing Space
Side B3 - Strike (featuring Farida Lemouchi)



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