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Σάββατο 21 Ιουλίου 2018

The Infinite Trip - Unearthly Treasures (2017)

Unearthly Treasures is The Infinite Trip's seventh official studio album release and builds upon the Space Rock and Prog Rock vibe evident on All Aboard the Mothership which is the bands most successful project to date. Unearthly Treasures focuses on the theme of identity and how our self image is affected by many factors, some of them beyond the reach of the conscious mind. This theme mirrors the bands own musical journey, evolving from 60's acid garage through to 70's and onwards Progressive rock and Neo Psychedelia with our own personal take on these genres. The cover artwork depicts the Hindu God Lord Ganesh who is deemed The Remover of Obstacles. The band are already in the studio planning for a further evolution of The Infinite Trip and this is an onward going process.


1. Black Holes Inside 
2. Carriers of Mystery 
3. Element 
4. The Lorelei Serum 
5. Turn Into Flowers 
6. Unearthly Treasures



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