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Coloured Balls - Summer Jam (1973)

An Australian group formed in March 1972 by Lobby Loyde with Andrew Fordham on guitar and vocals, Janis Miglans on bass guitar and Trevor Young on drums. Their first single, “Liberate Rock”, was recorded by Loyde with Aztecs’ members, Gil Mathews (on drums), Morgan and Wheeler as studio musicians – it was issued in August. During late 1972, the original line-up of Coloured Balls recorded material for an album, “Rock Your Arse Off”, but it was not released until May 1976 as “The First Supper Last (Or Scenes We Didn’t Get to See)” by independent label, Rainbird.

In January 1973, Coloured Balls teamed with guest vocalists Thorpe and Leo de Castro at the Sunbury Pop Festival, their performance was released in November as the “Help Me” / “Rock Me Baby” track on the live album, Summer Jam. The album included Coloured Balls’ 16-minute version of “G.O.D.” Fordham had been replaced on guitar by Ian Millar early in the year. Coloured Balls released three singles including “Mess of the Blues” which reached the Top 40 in October. They supported Marc Bolan & T. Rex on their Australian tour. Coloured Balls released their debut studio album, “Ball Power”, in December on EMI, which peaked at No. 13 on the Go-Set National Top 20 albums chart in February 1974. In January, Coloured Balls played at the Sunbury Pop Festival alongside hard rockers, Buster Brown, which included Angry Anderson on vocals and Phil Rudd on drums.

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