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Spooky Tooth -Spooky Two (1969)

Spooky Tooth were an English rock band. Principally active between 1967 and 1974 the band re-formed several times in later years
Spooky Two is the second studio album by the English rock band Spooky Tooth. It was originally released in March 1969, on the label Island Records (licensed to A&M in the United States

Critical reception

Spooky Two received mixed reviews from contemporary critics, including Rolling Stone[8] and The Village Voice. Robert Christgau wrote in the latter publication that, "at its best ('Waitin' for the Wind,' 'That Was Only Yesterday') this group is not significantly poorer than Blind Faith. At its worst ('Lost in My Dream,' 'I've Got Enough Heartaches') it is painfully overwrought."[7]

Mike DeGagne of AllMusic was more positive in a retrospective review: "Spooky Two is this British blues-rock band's pièce de résistance. All eight of the tracks compound free-styled rock and loose-fitting guitar playing, resulting in some fantastic raw music … their smooth, relaxed tempos and riffs mirrored bands like Savoy Brown and, at times, even the Yardbirds … Although Spooky Tooth lasted about seven years, their other albums never really contained the same passion or talented collaborating by each individual musician as Spooky Two.

Track listing

All songs written by Gary Wright, except where noted.
"Waitin' for the Wind" (Luther Grosvenor, Mike Harrison, Wright) – 3:27
"Feelin' Bad" (Mike Kellie, Wright) – 3:17
"I've Got Enough Heartaches" (Kellie, Wright) – 3:24
"Evil Woman" (Larry Weiss) – 9:00
"Lost in My Dream" – 5:03
"That Was Only Yesterday" – 3:51
"Better by You, Better than Me" – 4:12
"Hangman Hang My Shell on a Tree" – 5:40

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