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Τρίτη 1 Ιανουαρίου 2019

Atlanta Rhythm Section - 1976 - Red Tape

Atlanta Rhythm Section
(or ARS) is an American Southern rock band, formed in 1970 by Rodney Justo (singer), Barry Bailey (guitar), Paul Goddard (bass), Dean Daughtry (keyboards), Robert Nix (drums) and J.R. Cobb (guitar). The band's current lineup consists of Daughtry and Justo, along with guitarists David Anderson and Steve Stone, bassist Justin Senker and drummer Rodger Stephan.

Red Tape Another early classic that is among their best work, Red Tape is quite different from the previous album or anything that had come before. As the band had played more live shows, they had developed an ensemble sound, and there was an effort to capture that sound on record. The result was like an ARS gig from the mid-70's-with a strong emphasis on their appreciation for the blues. The band had previously been combining pop and rock stylings. For this album they went with predominantly shorter, pop length songs-with one notable exception. The performances feature a harder rock approach than they had recorded before, with a sharp edged guitar sound prominantly featured. Released in 1976, the album features eight original songs. The album starts off with the rocking swing of Jukin' and only lets up once. Mixed Emotions and Shanghied use blues riffs to build a driving momentum through the first part of the album. The tempo varies but the intensity never lessens through the next few songs. The momentum continues to build through Oh What a Feeling and Free Spirit and reaches a crescendo with the one longer tune on the album-a standout remake of their own Another Man's Woman. This time it's electric and features extended soloing. Almost every Southern band had a signature anthem, but the case can be made that this one features the most musically diverse arrangement and the tightest playing-and may be the best of them all.


01 - Jukin' (Also Includes San Antonio Rose) (2)
02 - Mixed Emotions
03 - Shanghied
04 - Police! Police!
05 - Beautiful Dreamers
06 - Oh What A Feeling
07 - Free Spirit
08 - Another Man's Woman


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