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Σάββατο, 7 Απριλίου 2018

The Awakening - Mirage (1973)

Funky Soul-Jazz from this Chicago-based jazz sextet released on Black Jazz Records (1973). Ft - Ken Chaney (Keyboards), Frank Gordon (Trumpet), Steve Galloway (Trombone, Percussion), Richard (Ari) Brown (Saxophone), Arlington Davis, Jr. (Drums & Percussion), Reggie Willis (Bass), Rufus Reid (Bass), Drasheer Khalid (Percussion), Anita Jefferies (Vocals), Ben Wright (Vocals).


1 Mode for DD 4:50 
2 The Ultimate Frontier 9:57 
3 Just a Little Peace 5:59 
4 Slinky 6:08 
5 Mirage 8:11 
6 Glory to the Sun 6:17 
7 March on 5:34



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