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Σάββατο, 16 Σεπτεμβρίου 2017

Lucifer Was - Underground and Beyond (Norway Progressive Rock 1971-1997)

Lucifer Was biography
This early 70's Norwegian band played together for years without ever releasing an album; that is, until label Record Heaven heard about them in the late 90's and convinced them to re-record songs they had played live at the time. Thanks to RH, we can now enjoy a collection of highly energetic, raw and aggressive 70's power rock recorded with pristine modern technology. The band's material is reminiscent of BLACK SABBATH, URIAH HEEP, early SCORPIONS and JETHRO TULL, albeit a very manic TULL as the flutes battle it out savagely with pounding guitars. Their second album features no less than two flutes, two Mellotrons, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, drums and percussion as well as two vocalists. Their third also contains additional piano, cello, violin, viola, sax, trumpet, trombone and tuba contributed by various guest artists.

01 - Teddy's Sorrow
02 - Scrubby Maid
03 - Song for Rings
04 - Out of the Blue
05 - The Green Pearl
06 - Tarabas
07 - Fandago
08 - The Meaning of Life
09 - Light my Cigarette
10 - In the Park
11 - Asterix



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