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Τρίτη 5 Σεπτεμβρίου 2017

Leif Edling - Songs of Torment, Songs of Joy (2008)

This is Candlemass' bassist, Leif Edling's solo project. Candlemass is regarded a legend in the doom metal scene and this solo project is no different. This a classy doom metal release.

This release is bass heavy with slow composition and nice, structured and rythumic drums as expected from a doom metal release. The vocals are haunting and eerie. Some electric samples are used which fit in well and adds to the depressive ambience this album creates. The guitars are great and sets the flows of the song. There are hardly any solos but thats doom metal style. As said before, the drums flow along rather well. There is no brutal drumming, only slow and atmospheric drumming which creates a haunting feeling. The bass is good though not so audible.

As it was released recently, the production is good and almost every instrument is audible. The vocals have been mixed such as they sound like they are coming from deep inside a cave.

The album creates a magnificently haunting ambience. The slow and doomy instruments make you feel like you are trapped in a closed room and tormented. Classic doom metal style.

The only flaw is the song length. They are shorter than typical doom metal songs which are quite lenghthy. What amount of material exists here, is really good. Lief Edling surely is a great doom metal instrumentalist.


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