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Κυριακή 3 Ιουλίου 2016

Solitude Aeturnus - Into The Depths Of Sorrow [1991]

The band was first called Solitude. The "Aeturnus" part of the name should be spelled "Aeternus", in correct Latin. However, a more correct translation into Latin from English "Eternal Solitude" or "Eternal Loneliness" would be "Solitudo Aeterna", since the word solitudo is feminine.

Solitude Aeturnus is an American epic doom metal band that was started in spring 1987 as Solitude, in Arlington, Texas. Their vocalist, Robert Lowe, was also the singer for the influential doom metal band Candlemass between 2007 and 2012.

Track list:

"Dawn of Antiquity (A Return to Despair)"
"Opaque Divinity"
"Transcending Sentinels"
"Dream of Immortality"
"Destiny Falls to Ruin"
"White Ship"
"Mirror of Sorrow"
"Where Angels Dare to Tread"



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