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Τρίτη 26 Ιουλίου 2016

Pallbearer-Foundations of Burden (2014)


They first released a three song demo in 2010, releasing their first full length Sorrow and Extinction in 2012. Sorrow and Extinctionwas awarded Best New Music status by Pitchfork and was cited amongst the best albums of the year by Spin and NPR. Their 2014 album, Foundations of Burden, was also awarded Best New Music status by Pitchfork.

Current members
Brett Campbell - vocals, guitar (2008-present)
Devin Holt - guitar, backing vocals (2008-present)
Joseph D. Rowland - bass, backing vocals (2008-present)
Mark Lierly - drums (2012-present)

1. Worlds Apart
2. Foundations
3. Watcher In The Dark
4. The Ghost I Used To Be
5. Ashes
6. Vanished


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