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Τετάρτη 20 Ιουλίου 2016

A Overdose of - Heavy Psychedelia (Various Artists US 60's Psychedelic Rock) {fix it}

An in depth look at varieties of Way-Cool Psychedelia. AN OVERDOSE OF HEAVY PSYCH showcases over-the-top, fuzzed-out masterpieces. Excessive guitars, wild effects and tripped-out lyrics all produce magical and imaginative music from this by-gone era.

Just as the title says.... One of the best psych comps ever with killer '60s psych mayhem. Includes Orange Wedge, Quiet Jungle, 20th Century Zoo, Powered By Love, Crystal Rain, Kindred Spirit, Graf Zeppelin and more. Not a duffer amongst em.... 78 mins!

What sets this apart from the many other similar '60s garage-psych releases is the extremeness of the music. Tracks collected here feature grungier guitars, slower or varied tempos and darker and more ominous atmosphere than earlier punk singles...and more fuzz and heavier feedback (even the occasional oscillator). These tracks were typically cut later than many of the other garage-band compilation series, and influences are second generation bands like Steppenwolf, Blue Cheer, Love, and the Stooges. While poppier sounds are eschewed on these sides, according to the liner notes these heavier slabs are the flip sides of lighter material. If the ballads on garage comps are the ones you skip over, by all means pick up a copy of this won't be disappointed. An extra bonus are six caveman-stomping cuts by the Boneheaded 31 Flavors, originally from two low-budget psych-sploitation albums on the Crown label.(AMG)

1. From the Womb to the Tomb - Orange Wedge
2. Everything - Quiet Jungle
3. You Don't Remember - Twentieth Century Zoo
4. Relative Distance - Fumin' Humins
5. Powered by Love - Powered By Love
6. You and Me - Crystal Rain
7. Mushroom People - ESB
8. Memories - Colder Children
9. Savage Lost - Kollection
10. Blue Avenue - Kindred Spirit
11. Plastic Year - Blu-erebus
12. Search Your Soul - Shadows of Time
13. You're in My Mind - Graf Zepplin
14. Salem Witchtrial - Kiriae Crucible
15. My Daze - Boston Tea Party
16. Watch Out - Paraphernalia
17. Dooley Vs. The Ferris Wheel - IRA
18. Easy Rider - Loose Endz
19. Silence of the Morning - The Glass Sun, Sabrosos Del Merengue
20. Reflections - Firebirds
21. No Tomorrows - Firebirds
22. Gypsy Fire - Firebirds
23. Free Bass - Firebirds
24. Free Fuzz - Firebirds
25. Free Drum - Firebirds

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