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Δευτέρα, 11 Ιουλίου 2016

AVATON- 'εξ 'αδοκήτω (EX ADOKITO)


In 1989 Giannis Papadakis formed the music group AVATON (Sanctum Sanctorum, Holly of Holies). A basic characteristic of the band is the use of ancient lyrics by Sappho, Heraklitos, Epicures, etc. 1991: The release of the bands first album under the label “SEIRIOS” of Manos Hatzidakis and by the support of him. Live performances followed initiated by appearance in Pallas with the Orchestra of Colors. 1992: The release of the second recording production, called “EROS AELIO”(Love for the Sun). 1996 was the year the group releases a collection album named “EX’ ADOKITO”(Unforeseen as it was) which establishes it in Greece. A big number of live performances followed in Greece and Europe.
 In 1998 during “Horizons” Festival, which included foreign artists such as John McLaughlin, Avaton performed in Athens Concert Hall. During the summer of 1998 the group participated in SPHINX Festival in Belgium and TIME ZONE Festival in Bare Italy. In the ancient Theater of Delphi during the resurgence of Delphi Festivals, in memory of Agelos Sikelianos, he composed the music for the play “ With the wings of Angel” in which Ioannis Melissanides danced. In 2001 came out the fourth album titled “KOSMON”(World) featuring Natasha Atlas. Live performances followed this publish: in Balkan Square Festival in Salonica/Greece and Ohrida/Macedonia, in Belgrade/Yugoslavia and Macedonia with the group Anastasia, and finally in the Athens ancient theater of Erodes with Maria Faradouri. In the year 2003 the group is reformed and follows a new course by the name X-AVATON. A great number of live performances take place in Greece and also in Europe, like the San Marino Festival (2003) and the Jazz Festival of Cremona both in Italy.

1. Αερίων επέων άρχομαι-With A Few Celestial Words I Shall Begin
2. ΟΥΚ ΕΘΕΛΩ ΠΛΟΥΤΕΙΝ- I Do Not Wish I Were Wealth
3 ΜΕΛΠΕΙΑ- Melpia
4. Αλόεσσα-Aloessa
6. ΤΟΙΣΙ ΜΕΝ ΕΥ-For Those Who Lead A Happy Life
7. Υμήναον-Hymenaon (Wedding Song)
8. Βάκχος-Bacchus
9. ΣΙΜΟΥΝ-Simoun
10.ΕΡΩΣ ΑΕΛΙΩ-The Love For The Sun

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