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Sula Bassana- Dark Days (2012)

Sula Bassana biography
Dave Schmidt - Born 1968-01-27

SULA BASSANA is the alias for a talented musician named Dave Schmidt. Being master of several instruments he's able to retrospect to a lot of collaborations composing and performing his music. Experiences on stage making spacy, trippy and Krautrock inspired music initiated in 1986 as a keyboard player of the electronic duo Solaris. With the project Twilight Network he gave the last electronic concert in 1991 at the Zeiss Grossplanetarium in Berlin. Some years later he met Hans-Peter Ringholz to form the band Liquid Visions, now playing the bass guitar and producing space rock music similar to Hawkwind. The band had several releases over the years and is currently existing but SULA BASSANA left in 2003.

In the meanwhile in 1997 Zone Six was founded together with Ringholz and Claus Bühler. Five official albums and a lot of live-CD-Rs full of improvised space and Kraut music followed and the band is still alive. SULA BASSANA additionally formed the studio project Weltraumstaunen in 1998 to record some freak outs and filled the drummers seat of the space rock band Growing Seeds. Further collaborations were Psychedelic Monsterjam with Mani Neumeier and Ax Genrich (Guru Guru) with two live albums as the result. They also had a successful gig at the Burg Herzberg Festival 2006. Another collaboration happened with the krautrock band Electric Orange.

The first SULA BASSANA solo album 'Dreamer' sounds like a freaky psychedelic trip - composed, played and produced by himself in 2002. References to Pink Floyd are to examine but also ambient and chillout emphasized parts. 'Sula Bassana And The Nasoni Pop Art Experimental Band Vol. 1' from 2006 is the current release supported by some friends from various bands - an ambitious and mellow work with variety. Located in Austria now Dave Schmidt still works on some new projects.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Underground (9:35)
2. Departure (6:04)
3. Surrealistic Journey (20:17)
4: Dark Days (9:05)
5. Bright Nights (9:42)
6. Arriving Nowhere (16:47)

Total Time: 71:30



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