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Κυριακή 7 Ιουνίου 2015

Doom:VS - Aeternum Vale (2006)

Johan Ericson is a multitalented musician and producer with a number of projects of his own. The most distinguished of these is Draconian; a gothic / doom metal act which Johan established in 1994. From the profound elevation of this distinct mind calls also the spirit of DOOM:VS; a project born in Säffle, Sweden from the idea of constructing something utterly dark and personal in the unique field of doom metal.

Near the closure of 2004 the self produced demo album, Empire of the Fallen, was released; a four track obscure and prominent contribution to the doom metal underground. The demo was very well received and led to a deal with the Finish label Firedoom Music (extreme doom metal specialist label of Firebox Records).

Soon after that the debut album Aeternum Vale was recorded and finally released in 2006 and made very good reviews throughout the doom metal community.

In January 2008 the work began on yet another album. Dead Words Speak was written and recorded by Johan himself at the Draconian rehearsal room. With a heavier approach regarding the sound than previous efforts, the music is both darker and more eerie than ever before. Filled with emotion and despair, Dead Words Speak is a personal settlement with the past.


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