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Τετάρτη, 17 Ιουνίου 2015

Lamp of the Universe - The Inner Light of Revelation 2015

Lamp Of The Universe biography
New Zealand "raga" / spacey rock hybrid

Lamp Of the Universe is the solo project from Datura Bassist and vocalist Craig Williamson. It is a formidable modern mix of pysch "raga" folk with spacey rock elements. In its great variety the music offers astonishing acoustic guitar parts, exotic sitar "raga" scales, "tabla" percussions and "acid" heavy, bluesy rock guitars. Minimal "drone" bass lines alternate with fuzzy, sometimes aggressive psychedelic waves. 
This rather "cosmic" musical ensemble is without moderation a nice discover. It is a must for fans of Amon Duul II, Pink Floyd and classical raga style. The combination between the genres is well defined, providing a freak out journey throw eastern vibes. Many albums have been recorded under this name, notably the highly recommended "Echo in Light" (an insistent and beautiful marriage between exotic, celestial harmonies and deep psych rock sounds), "The Cosmic Union" ("trippy" sounding heavy rock jams) and "Heru" (meditative sitar "drone" effects). All these albums have been released around 2001/05, notably published by "Cranium Music".

01 Trance Of The Pharaohs
02 God Of One
03 The Guiding Light
04 Levitation
05 Utopian Seed
06 Ancient Path
07 Beyond The Horizon
08 Celestial Forms


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