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Κυριακή 29 Μαρτίου 2015

Craang - To The Estimated Size Of The Universe (2014)

Craang is a three piece psychedelic heavy rock band from Thessaloniki, Greece - Two guys and one gal groovin’ around with huge crash cymbals, drone fuzz pedals and lots of rock jam stoner psych.

Their first album “To The Estimated Size Of The Universe” was self produced and released on CD in May 2014 which very quickly sold out. Later in September of the same year they signed with Pink Tank Records (DE) and in February 2015 they released a limited edition vinyl of the same album in collaboration with Hevisike Records (UK) in three colors, which was pre-ordered and sold almost out of existence before official release. 

Craang’s music is a mixture of psychedelic melodies supported by ripping bass
riffs and huge drum sounds. Their heaviness creates a long lasting drone sound with erupting crescendos and long jamming bluesy parts that please even the most demanding of ears.




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