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Σάββατο, 23 Απριλίου 2016

Celtefog - Sounds Of The Olden Days (2016)

Country of origin:Greece
Location:Alexandria, ImathiaStatus:
ActiveFormed in:2012
Genre:Pagan Black Metal 
Lyrical themes:Nature, Winter, Revenge


1. My Last Sight to the Known Universe 09:07 Show lyrics
2. Tombs of Memories 06:28 Show lyrics
3. Call of the Ancestors 08:37 Show lyrics
4. Three Nights in the Mediterranean Sea 07:01 Show lyrics
5. Into the Mist 06:51 instrumental
6. Nykta




I can imagine my journey to eternity.
When the time comes i'll find the serenity
No thoughts. I'm trying to hear only my sounds.
I feel them, as i'm hugging the ground.
What if i close my tired eyes?
My soul will fly away to the stars.
Even the sun will die one day.
Can you see a reason to pray?
Listen to that. Death is coming out of life.
Try to laugh till you cry.
Darkness following the light.
Eternal cycle, day and night.

Όταν χαθεί η ελπίδα.
Κι όταν η ώρα μου φτάσει
Βαθιά θε να μπει η λεπίδα
Το χώμα απ'το αίμα μου με μιας να χορτάσει

My blood is flowing hot
Out of my veins.
I can see my God.
I broke my chains.

My blood is flowing hot
Out of my veins.
I stopped my inner screams.
It's time to quit my dreams.
I am the king of my frozen throne.
Enjoying my kingdom alone.
I am standing to the top of the greatest mountain.
Smiling to Gods cause i am alive again.

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