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Skyclad - 1996 - Irrational Anthems

Skyclad are a British heavy metal band with heavy folk influences in their music. They are considered one of the pioneers of folk metal. The etymology behind the term "skyclad" comes from a pagan/wiccan term for ritual nudity, in which rituals are performed with the participants metaphorically clad only by the sky, as a sign of equality. The name alludes both to the band's religious leanings and to their social beliefs, as set out in the song "Skyclad" on their first album.

Track listing

"Inequality Street" – 4:05
"The Wrong Song" – 3:56
"Snake Charming" – 4:04
"Penny Dreadful" – 3:08
"The Sinful Ensemble" – 5:21
"My Mother in Darkness" – 4:00
"The Spiral Starecase" – 2:23
"No Deposit, No Return" – 4:30
"Sabre Dance" – 3:07
"I Dubious" – 3:12
"Science Never Sleeps" – 5:05
"History Lessens" – 3:38
"Quantity Time" – 5:14


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