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Τρίτη 16 Απριλίου 2019

Tygers of Pan Tang -Wild Cat (1980)


Tygers of Pan Tang are a heavy metal band, part of the new wave of British heavy metal movement. They formed in 1978 in Whitley Bay, England, and were active until 1987. The band reformed in 1999 and continue to record and perform. The name is derived from Pan Tang, a fictional archipelago in Michael Moorcock's Elric of Melniboné fantasy series whose wizards keep tigers as pets.

Wild Cat is the debut album by the British heavy metal band Tygers of Pan Tang. It was released in 1980 on MCA Records. The album was re-issued in 1989 in a double-LP package with Spellbound, and on CD in 1997 with bonus tracks.

Track listing

All songs written by Jess Cox, Brian Dick, Rick Laws and Robb Weir except where noted.

Side one
"Euthanasia" - 3:44
"Slave to Freedom" - 5:55
"Don't Touch Me There" - 2:58
"Money" - 3:18
"Killers" - 6:36
Side two
"Fireclown" - 3:15
"Wild Catz" - 3:06
"Suzie Smiled" - 5:12
"Badger Badger" - 4:10
"Insanity" - 6:26



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