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Τρίτη, 23 Απριλίου 2019

Combo De La Muerte - Tropical Steel (2008)

Born in the 2006, Combo de la Muerte is the first band that plays Voodoo Latin Jazz versions of Heavy Metal classics! After the release of their first 7", there was a great buzz in the Heavy Metal Community (not only in Metal community but some tracks were included


1 Proyecto Satánico
2 Breaking The Law
3 South Of Heaven
4 I Wanna Be Somebody
5 Peace Sells
6 Venganza Del Infierno
7 Mama, I'm Coming Home
8 Wrathchild
9 Collection By Blood
10 ¿Te Gusta El Metal?
11 Highway To Hell
12 Pull The Plug
13 Eat The Rich
14 Levantate, Joven Guerrero
15 Defender
16 Power And The Glory
17 Come To The Sabbath...
18 Black Sabbath
Featuring – Tossic
19 Triunfo Final
20 You Suffer



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