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Πέμπτη 1 Μαρτίου 2018

Doomsword (IT) - Doomsword (1999)

Doomsword is an Italian Heavy Metal band from Varese, in northern Italy with strong influences from epic themes such as ancient and medieval history, fantasy literature and European mythology.

Doomsword is the self-titled debut album from the Italian metal band Doomsword, released in 1999. A number of its tracks reference fantasy literature, such as The Lord of the Rings, and Michael Moorcock's Elric Saga. "Nadsokor" in particular is a reference to the latter. It is also a Cirith Ungol cover.

Track listing

"Sacred Metal" – 6:16
"Warbringers" – 6:33
"Helms Deep" – 7:17
"One Eyed God" – 4:37
"Return to Imrryr" – 5:06
"Nadsokor" – 4:50
"Swords of Doom" – 6:34
"On the March" – 6:13



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