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The Ross the Boss - New Metal Leader (2008)

New Metal Leader is the debut album recorded by guitarist Ross "the Boss" Friedman and his German band under the moniker, "The Ross the Boss Band". It was released on August 12, 2008 on Candlelight records in the US and A.F.M. Records in Europe.

While the band is called, Ross the Boss", "It is a real band with each member having his share of the whole" When asked about the meaning of the title "new Metal Leader", Friedman said, "There are several reasons why I chose the title. People do consider me a leader in metal. It is a metal record. And I may not be new, but my band certainly is. The last thing I did [in the same musical vein as "New Metal Leader) was (Manowar album) Kings of Metal. The title of this new record had to be in the same realm; it had to have the same sick sense of humor       

Track listing

"I.L.H (0:49)"
"Blood of Knives (3:22)"
"I Got The Right (5:43)"
"Death and Glory (3:54)"
"Plaque of Lies (4:30)"
"God of Dying (5:27)"
"May the Gods Be with You (4:10)"
"Constantine's Sword (4:41)"
"We Will Kill (4:34)"
"Matador (4:48)"
"Immortal Son (6:16)"



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