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Κυριακή 4 Φεβρουαρίου 2018

Omen - Battle cry (1984)

Battle Cry is the debut album of the American heavy metal band Omen. It was originally released in 1984 by Metal Blade. In 2005 Metal Blade re-released Battle Cry on Picture LP format, limited to 500 copies and including two bonus tracks.

Track listing
Original LP
1. "Death Rider" 3:26
2. "The Axeman" 4:25
3. "Last Rites" 3:39
4. "Dragon's Breath" Jody Henry, J.D. Kimball, Kenny Powell 2:59
5. "Be My Wench" 4:01
6. "Battle Cry" J.D. Kimball, Kenny Powell 3:41
7. "Die by the Blade" Jody Henry, J.D. Kimball, Kenny Powell 3:09
8. "Prince of Darkness" 2:44
9. "Bring Out the Beast" 4:08
10. "In the Arena"



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