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Τρίτη, 13 Φεβρουαρίου 2018

Almanac - Kingslayer (2017)


Country of origin:InternationalLocation:Bosnia and Herzegovina / Germany / Belarus / Spain / United KingdomStatus:
ActiveFormed in:2015
Genre:Symphonic Power Metal Lyrical themes:History
Years active:2015-present
Formed by Victor Smolski after his departure from Rage.

The V.S. in the logo of the band stands for Victor Smolski.
So it can be read as Victor Smolski's Almanac.  


1. Regicide 06:10 Show lyrics
2. Children of the Sacred Path 04:10 Show lyrics
3. Guilty as Charged 05:02 Show lyrics
4. Hail to the King 05:47 Show lyrics
5. Losing My Mind 05:33 Show lyrics
6. Kingslayer 01:33 instrumental
7. Kingdom of the Blind 06:22 Show lyrics
8. Headstrong 06:11 Show lyrics
9. Last Farewell 05:01 Show lyrics
10. Red Flag 05:05 Show lyrics



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