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Κυριακή 10 Δεκεμβρίου 2017

The Godz - Nothing is Sacred (1979)

The Godz' second album, "Nothing Is Sacred", was released in 1979 with very little label support. Truly one of the greatest of ignored albums of all time, The Godz' Nothing Is Sacred is one of the best from it's era of late 70's pure rock and roll. Everything about it oozes the trademarks of what made American bands of that time so important, and provided the missing link between all out success and total obscurity.
The addon songs from their second LP Nothing Is Sacred doesn't have the same driving rock sound as the debut, but is still a solid add with Hey Mama and I Just Want To Go Home. I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to Rock to the best the late 70's had to offer.


01 -- Gotta Muv 
02 -- Festyvul Seasun 
03 -- Rock Yer Sox Auf 
04 -- I'll Bi Yer Luv 
05 -- Luv Kage 
06 -- He' A Fool 
07 -- 714
08 -- Hey Mama 
09 -- Snakin' 
10 -- I Don't Wanna Go Home 

Glen Cataline Drums, Vocals 
Mark Chatfield Guitar, Vocals
 Bob Hill Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals 
Eric Moore Bass, Producer, Vocals 
Neal Teeman Enginee


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