This blog has reached the end of Thanks all friends for all the years we have traveled in the world of music together. Goodbye!!!

Δευτέρα 30 Οκτωβρίου 2017


Old Blood is a group from Anglès (Girona), founded in 2005 by Draco (vocals, guitar), who composed all the music and lyrics. The same year Aeterna joined the group, as a bass. In 2006, drummer joined Wotanwolf training, but left the band next year, for health reasons. In 2007 a new drummer, Orca, and a second guitarist, Nargassh, joined to the band. Aeterna left the band in the summer of 2009 for injuries in her hand, and is temporarily replaced by Shargûl on bass, as live member. In summer of 2010, Aerterna returned, Orca remained as drummer, but Nargassh left the band.

1. Wolves
2. Glowplug 
3. Silk Road Rash
4. Taking Refuge with Strangers
5. Flesh 
6. Some Songs Sound the Same



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