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Παρασκευή 19 Αυγούστου 2016

Psychotic Waltz - Bleeding (1996)

Psychotic Waltz is a cult band from San-Diego, CA, United States. Formed in 1985 under the fantasy name Aslan, but they decided to change it after discovering another band with the same name. A friend of the band described one of their new songs as sounding like some kind of a psychotic waltz. The band loved the phrase and named the song after it, eventually naming the band after it. Since then the band has released 4 albums in the style they named progressive metal.

Bleeding was Psychotic Waltz's fourth and final studio album, released in 1996. In 2004, Metal Blade Records reissued Bleeding in a box set also containing the band's second album Into the Everflow and a bonus CD containing demos. Music videos were made for "Faded" and "My Grave".


01 - Faded
02 - Locust
03 - Morbid
04 - Bleeding
05 - Need
06 - Drift
07 - Northern Lights
08 - Sleep
09 - My Grave
10 - Skeleton
11 - Freedom


2 σχόλια:

  1. Με το "Bleeding" τους έμαθα (τους Psychotic Waltz). Λατρεμένος δίσκος!

    faded, faded
    fell from the sky below
    faded, faded
    from the sky you know

    crashing through the mirror
    fly on the wind of my soul
    hover, hummingbird
    UFO beautiful...

  2. Γειά σας! Πρόσφατα ανακάλυψα το blog σας και έχει πολύ ενδιαφέρον, ιδιαίτερα η ποικιλία της μουσικής που έχετε αναρτήσει. Καλή συνέχεια στην ωραία δουλειά σας.
    The Psychopomp