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Σάββατο 11 Ιουνίου 2016

Santana - 1974 - Borboletta

Borboletta is the sixth studio album by Santana. It is one of his jazz-funk-fusion oriented albums, along with Caravanserai (1972),Welcome (1973), Love Devotion Surrender (1973) with John McLaughlin and Illuminations (1974) with Alice Coltrane, Jack DeJohnette and Jules Broussard. The guitarist leaves a lot of room to percussion, saxophone and keyboards to set moods ("Spring Manifestations"), as well as lengthy solos by himself ("Promise of a Fisherman") and vocals ("Give and Take", a funky guitar-led song). The record was released in a shiny blue sleeve displaying a butterfly, an allusion to the album Butterfly Dreams (1973) by Brazilian musician Flora Purim and her husband Airto Moreira, whose contributions deeply influenced the sound of Borboletta. In Portuguese, borboleta means "butterfly".

Original bassist David Brown returned to replaced Doug Rauch and vocalist/keyboardist Leon Patillo joined. After the album's completion, drummer Michael Shrieve left, to be replaced by Leon "Ndugu" Chancler, who had guested on parts of the album.

1. Spring Manifestations (1:05)
2. Canto De Los Flores (3:39)
3. Life is Anew (4:22)
4. Give and Take (5:44)
5. One With the Sun (4:22)
6. Aspirations (5:10)
7. Practice What You Preach (4:31)
8. Mirage (4:43)
9. Here and Now (3:01)
10. Flor De Canela (2:09)
11. Promise of a Fisherman (8:18)
12. Borboletta (2:47)

Total time 49:51



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