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T-Rex - Electric warrior (U.k. 1971)+bonus

T. Rex were an English rock band, formed in 1967 by singer-songwriter and guitarist Marc Bolan. The band initially called Tyrannosaurus Rex, released four folk albums under this banner. In 1970, Bolan began to make a shift from basing his band's sound around an acoustic guitar to basing it around an electric one and shortened their name to T. Rex. "Ride a White Swan" coincided with this change and instantly became a commercial success. From 1970 until 1973, T. Rex encountered in the UK a popularity unseen since the demise of theBeatles, with a run of 11 singles ranked in the British top ten. 1971's Electric Warrior received sustained critical acclaim as a pioneering album of glam rock. It reached the number 1 position in the UK. The follow-up, 1972'sThe Slider, allowed the band to enter in the top 5 in the USA. At the end of 1973, T. Rex started to have less commercial success but kept on recording one album per year.

In 1977, Bolan died in a car accident a couple of months after releasing their final studio album Dandy in the Underworld. Since then, T. Rex have continued to exert a vast influence on a variety of subsequent artists.

Electric Warrior is the sixth studio album by English glam rock act T. Rex (being the second album under the name "T. Rex", with the first four billed as "Tyrannosaurus Rex"). It was released on 24 September 1971 by record label Fly in the UK and Reprise in the US. The album marks a turning point in the band's sound, dispensing with the folk-oriented music of the group's previous albums and pioneering a new, "glammier" style of rock known as glam rock.[1] The album also drew attention to the band in the United States with the top 10 hit "Bang A Gong (Get It On)". This would prove to be the band's only successful single in America, deeming the band a "one-hit wonder" there.

Track listing
Side A
1. "Mambo Sun" 3:40
2. "Cosmic Dancer" 4:30
3. "Jeepster" 4:12
4. "Monolith" 3:49
5. "Lean Woman Blues" 3:02

Side B
6. "Get It On" 4:27
7. "Planet Queen" 3:13
8. "Girl" 2:32
9. "The Motivator" 4:00
10. "Life's a Gas" 2:24
11. "Rip Off" 3:40



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