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Τρίτη 5 Ιανουαρίου 2016

Hawkwind - Warrior On The Edge Of Time 1975 (Remaster)

Hawkwind are an English rock band and one of the earliest space rock groups. Their lyrics favour urban and science fiction themes. Formed in November 1969, Hawkwind have gone through many incarnations and they have incorporated different styles into their music, including hard rock, heavy metal, progressive rock and psychedelic rock. They are also regarded as an influential proto-punk band.

Dozens of musicians, dancers and writers have worked with the band since their inception. Notable musicians to have performed in the band include Lemmy, Ginger Baker and Huw Lloyd-Langton, but the band are most closely associated with their founder, the singer, songwriter and guitarist Dave Brock, who remains the only original member.

They are best known for the song "Silver Machine", which became a number three UK hit single in 1972, but they scored further hit singles with "Urban Guerrilla" (another Top 40 hit) and "Shot Down in the Night". 22 of their albums charted in the UK between 1971 and 1993.


01 Assault & Battery Part I
02 The Golden Void Part II
03 The Wizard Blew His Horn
04 Opa-Loka
05 The Demented Man
06 Magnu
07 Standing At The Edge
08 Spiral Galaxy 28948
09 Warriors
10 Dying Seas
11 Kings Of Speed
12 Motorhead



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