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Παρασκευή 21 Αυγούστου 2015

Paice Ashton Lord - Malice in Wonderland 1977

Paice Ashton Lord were a British rhythm and blues, funk-soul, rock band founded in 1977, after the break-up of the British band Deep Purple in 1976. Ian Paice and Jon Lord, Deep Purple's drummer and keyboardist, joined Tony Ashton, a British keyboardist and singer, for this project; the band were completed with Bernie Marsden on guitar andPaul Martinez on bass

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Original release

1-"Ghost Story" — 5:47
2-"Remember the Good Times" (Paice/Ashton/Lord/Marsden/Martinez) — 5:48
3-"Arabella (Oh Tell Me)" (Ashton) — 4:06
4-"Silas & Jerome" — 3:25
5-"Dance with Me Baby" (Paice/Ashton/Lord/Marsden/Martinez) — 3:20
6-"On the Road Again, Again" (Paice/Ashton/Lord/Marsden) — 3:58
7-"Sneaky Private Lee" (Paice/Ashton/Lord/Marsden) — 6:10
8-"I'm Gonna Stop Drinking" — 5:15
9-"Malice in Wonderland" — 6:06



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