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Τρίτη 28 Ιουλίου 2015

Cutty Sark - Die Tonight 1984

Rare german 80's heavy/power metal in the vein of the oldschool true metal acts such as Omen, Ostrogoth, Accept and Steel Vengeance. Basically a band that did their thing, released a few albums and faded. Underground bands like Cutty Sark deserve more credit, the sound here is basically a raw type of Grave Digger, although a clear influence on speed metal is present.

The sound is pretty persistent throughout the whole album, the vocals are pretty standard of the 80's heavy/power scene, semi-high pitched and work well on some of the more epic Manowarish song structures such as on 'Vultures In The Air' and 'Burning to Ashes'. While other songs are more standard classic metal Iron Maiden or Judas Priest orientated with speed metal interludes ' Jam the ramp' and 'die tonight' are two perfect examples of this. A few traces of percusion can be heard on some songs that remind me of Manilla Road's 'Crystal Logic', overall though songs are very raw and the guitars sometimes are not with the vocals. However i can't complain about to much, because overall it is a well played out-dated power metal album, and listening to this is refeshing because of the influx of modern european power metal acts out today with the same sound. Great cover art also.



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