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Τετάρτη 20 Μαΐου 2015

Kamelot - 1995 - Eternity

In the legends of King Arthur, Camelot is the capital of his kingdom. Truth, goodness and beauty reigned there.

Mark Vanderbildt and co-founder Richard Warner departed as the band was growing in stature in 1997 as they were unable to tour. Casey Grillo was swiftly brought in, but finding a vocalist proved more difficult. Kamelot then picked up on Roy Khan. To make Roy prove himself, he had to go skydiving with the band.

David Pavlicko left soon after "Siege Perilous". One of the band's new producers, Miro, filled in on a studio basis, while a succession of guests were used in the live environment until Oliver Palotaijoined as a permanent member on "The Black Halo" tour.

Glenn Barry stepped down from his role in Kamelot in late 2009 due to family commitments. He had sat out most of the band's touring since 2006, with founding member Sean Tibbetts standing in. Tibbetts then rejoined the band permanently.

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