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Τρίτη 5 Μαΐου 2015

3rd Ear Experience- Incredible Good Fortune-2014

Καταπληκτή νεοψυχεδέλεια !! 

3rd Ear Experience biography

3RD EAR EXPERIENCE is a new genuine space rock band recording musical improvisations in a little studio situated out in the highlands of Joshua Tree/Mojave Desert, just where some of the members live. The outfit includes Dug Pinnick of KING'S X fame, Robbi Robb of the African acid rock band TRIBE AFTER TRIBE and synth player Amritakripa, also inherently involved in Indian devotional music.

Three days of free form jams led on to the self-released debut album 'Peacock Black' which is comprised of four extended tracks. At times being courageously experimental they abandoned formal arrangements and allowed the music to flow in a cosmic sonic dialogue between fellow musicians and stargazers. The result is summing up trance-like and groovy excursions, Kosmische Musik in the Berlin School vein as well as dramatic and otherwordly moments.

Shortly after that Megaforce Records released another band album named 'Boi', this time featuring eight tunes with a more common song structure. 2013 - 2014 saw the band attracting favorable press internationally and they were also honored to open for the Swedish stoner band, the Truckfighters, on their 2013 USA tour. Recorded with a modified line up again their next album 'Incredible Good Fortune' came out in autumn 2014, consisting of new extended explorations.

Furthermore the band will be included in the upcoming feature documentary film about the history and legacy of the desert stoner rock music scene called 'Desert Age'. 3RD EAR EXPERIENCE certainly will please every fan of unbounded psychedelic and space rock music.


4-white bee
5-shamans dream


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