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Κυριακή 24 Αυγούστου 2014

Love Peace & Poetry (American Psychedelic Music 60s & 70s)

Love, Peace and Poetry is a consistently high-quality series, with eight volumes to date covering almost all of the world. The focus here is on psychedelia, with most of the recordings coming from the late sixties and early seventies. The tracks included in the Love, Peace and Poetry comps are all from LPs rather than singles, and these clearly come from a deep collection. These collections have very little overlap with any other series out there. Each volume of this series is well documented and the tracks are varied and well chosen. A particularly nice touch is that each volume includes information on obtaining original records or reissues, as well as other psych related contacts. One ironic note is that the cover art does not display the same variety as the music on the comps. All of the covers feature the same person, Cheryl Shrode, who was a Playboy bunny featured on the cover of the April, 1967, issue. No nude shots included in any of the Love, Peace and Poetry covers, though. According to the liner notes, these shots were taken in 1968. No explanation is given for the obsession with Cheryl Shrode, except that one of her hobbies was underground music (along with designing clothes, cooking Asian food and writing poetry). If she is the Love, Peace and Poetry muse then it's all to the good. You really can't go wrong with any volume in this series.


1. Darius - "Shades of Blue" (2:15)
2. New Tweedy Brothers - "Danny's Song" (2:51)
3. Arcesia - "White Panther" (2:34)
4. Victoria - "Ride a Rainbow" (2:47)
5. Damon - "Song of a Gypsy" (2:26)
6. Jungle - "Slave Ship" (5:24)
7. Hunger - "Colors" (2:03)
8. Trizo 50 - "Graveyard" (4:45)
9. Music Emporium - "Nam Myo Renge Kyo" (2:36)
10. Brain Police - "I'll Be on the Outside, If I Can" (3:26)
11. Michael Angelo - "Oceans of Fantasy" (3:02)
12. Zerfas - "I Need It Higher" (4:44)
13. Lazy Smoke - "There Was a Time" (1:58)
14. Hickory Wind - "Mister Man" (3:28)
15. New Dawn - "Dark Thoughts" (3:01)
16. Sidetrack - "Wild Eyes" (2:10)
17. Patron Saints - "Reflections on a Warm Day" (3:36)

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