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Τρίτη, 3 Ιουνίου 2014

Pyramid - Pyramid (1976)

German acid rock project. The obscure and underrated “Dawn Defender” from 1976 is constantly mysterious, abstract and experimental, delivering interlocking electronic soundscapes punctuated by electric guitar manipulations and echoing effects. The album was originally released Tony Robinson for Pyramid label. A serious “kosmische” krautrock manifestation, a perfect & strange dreamy-like musical journey throw ultra psych textures. Pretty closed to the Cosmic Jokers (first) and A.R & the machines.

Review by: Rivertree from Prog Archives.

Pyramid' consists of one long 33 minute track named Dawn defender. Mellow ambient spaced out sounds are dominating with a decent rhythm work - trance pure partially remembering at the AMON DÜÜl 2 Yeti jams. The track once is interrupted by a heavy psych part for some minutes but in the whole the song is meandering with its own special mood. First of all the spacy guitar work is to remark. Nothing is known about the way the band worked out the music. Is it recorded on the fly or reworked with overdubs?
For me it's secondary that this one is announced to be a hoax in the meanwhile. The obscure british label named 'Psy-Fi' is expected to be responsible for that. 'Pyramid' seems to be originally recorded in the early 90s by engineer Toby Robinson of the german Dierks studio. The british musicians are still unknown and therefore provided with fantasy names and a seventies german krautrock background because of a little revival of this genre at that time.
Hoax or not - it doesn't matter - the music is definetely fitting into the krautrock category. Mysteriously and rare per se, musically not spectacular but a solid production with a nice mix of psychedelic and electronic ingredients.


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