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Κυριακή 9 Μαρτίου 2014

ALPHA CENTAURI - Alpha Centauri (1977) USA

01. Hard Life
02. One Night At A Time
03. I'm A Rebel
04. Earth In Motion
05. Love Is A Curse
06. You Shot Me Down
07. Love Only You
08. Make It At Rock 'n' Roll

Kurt Smith - Guitar / Vocals
Garth Hannum - Bass
Jess Redmon - Keyboards
Randy Thompson - Drums

Alpha Centauri was formed in Greeley, Colorado in 1971.
The band performed its hard driving rock throughout the American Midwest for years opening for artists such as STYX and URIAH HEEP.
With a fairly strong US following, the band moved to Canada where they began to write original material.
The result was 1977's long awaited eponymous debut on Salt Records.
With the release of the album came more concerts as well as several radio and television appearances including the Canadian TV special Alpha Centauri In Concert from 1978.
The band was then aiming for the UK, but management problems and road burnout led to the band returning to the USA, appearaning on TV's 'Rock and Roll America'.
Alpha Centauri stayed on the road until 1983 when they finally broke up.
In the '90's a resurgence of sorts occurred following a glowing review of their sole album in the International Encyclopedia of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.
Rock afficianados began scouring the globe for their only album and in 1996 Pacemaker Records re-issued the disc. It's a really good album, with a very distinctive sound and some outstanding guitar playing, successfully blending Hard Rock with Prog elements without sacrificing the hard edges.

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