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Πέμπτη, 24 Οκτωβρίου 2013

Red Sparowes - Every red heart shines toward the red sun


1-The Great Leap Forward Poured Down Upon Us One Day Like
2-We Stood Transfixed In Blank Devotion As Our Leader Spok
3- Like The Howling Glory Of The Darkest Winds, This Voice
4-A Message Of Avarice Rained Down And Carried Us Away To
5-Annihilate The Sparrow, That Stealer Of Seed, And Our Ha
6-And By Our Own Hand Did Every Last Bird Lie Silent In The
7-Millions Starved And Became Skinnier And Skinnier While
8- Finally As That Blazing Sun Shone Down Upon Us Did We Kn

 Καλοπαιγμενο Post Rock!   Καλη ακροαση!!


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