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Σάββατο, 15 Δεκεμβρίου 2018

Master Musicians Of Bukakke - Totem One[2009]

Seattle-based avant-garde/worldbeat collective Master Musicians of Bukkake formed in 2003 around the talents of a host of eclectic Pacific Northwest artists. The group's signature blend of Far East instrumentation, fuzzed-out psychedelia, and irreverent and occasionally wicked humor first appeared in 2005 on Visible Sign of the Invisible Order, a global free-for-all that relied heavily on the group's penchant for ritualistic free improvisation. The outfit continued to carve itself a niche in the "outsider music" community, with 2009's Totem One the first in a proposed trilogy of gamelan, percussion, and electric guitar-infused ceremonial mayhem; Totem 2 appeared in 2010.

01 Bardo Chikkhai
02 A Mist Of Illnesses
03 In The Light Of The Sonaran
04 People Of The Drifting Houses
05 Schism Prism-Adamantos
06 Cascade Cathedral
07 Eaglewolf



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